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Foulspawn was one of the most diseased and disgusting of all Nurgle's Champions. It was said that the sight of him was so horrifying that hardened warriors who saw him were rendered incapable of any action while they gagged and retched in disgust. Nurgle was deeply fond of his unsightly Champion, and eventually blessed him with the reward of Spawndom. Many Chaos Spawn die within minutes or hours of their transformation, being killed by their former followers, slain in battle or expiring as their impossibly mutated bodies give out under the strain. Such was not the fate of Foulspawn, however as the Chaos Spawn not only survived, but grew and prospered. By some strange quirk of fate (or equally strange whim of Nurgle) Foulspawn was able to survive by ingesting and absorbing the fleshy tissues and bodily fluids of living creatures, which he achieves by grabbing his victim with his sticky, toad-like tongue, and then swallowing the still living creature whole.[1][2]

Foulspawn is cursed with eternal hunger and devours anyone he comes across, which caused him to grow to a monstrous size and become imbued with the entropic energies of the Warp and seething with Daemonic plagues. According to legends however, while the Chaos Spawn's growth and rampages greatly pleased Nurgle, it earned Foulspawn the ire of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion; as many of the Death Guard became victims of the Chaos Spawn's eternal hunger. Rumours claim though, that Mortarion could not destroy a being so beloved by the Plague Father and the Daemon Primarch instead banished Foulspawn, into the rancid wilds of the Plague Planet. Some say Foulspawn still dwells there, but has now grown into the size of a living mountain, who is ever in search of more prey to devour.[3]


Conflicting sources

In the Codex: Death Guard (8th Edition), Foulspawn is referred to as Fowlspawn.[3]