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Fourth Quadrant rebellion

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The Fourth Quadrant rebellion was a series of wars and rebellions that engulfed a quarter of Segmentum Solar. The exact dates are not known, but it definitely took place between 775.M41 and 780.M41. The individual conflicts had no single cause, rather countless grievances fostered over centuries of brutality and misrule by corrupt Imperial commanders. Opportunistic Chaos cults, renegades and Xenos took advantage of the anarchy and over a dozen Space Marine Chapters were involved in the fighting.[1a][1b]


Fortress of Kaligar

The Dark Angels Chapter was one of four that played the most significant role in crushing the rebellion, deploying in full Chapter strength.[1b] Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing assaulted the Fortress of Kaligar and dueled the eponymous traitor for a full day and night before running him into the ground. Kaligar transpired to be a member of the Fallen.[2]

Egammonon Revolt

The Dark Angels fought in this battle, fielding at least one Rhino with Codex-pattern tundra camouflage.[3a] The Raptors Chapter were also involved, fielding a Land Raider Proteus with temperate winter camouflage.[3b]

Storm Marches

The Storm Marches were an area of the Fourth Quadrant dominated by Khorne-worshipping drift pirates. The Raptors Chapter fought in this region during the rebellion.[1b]

Sulsalid Campaign - 775-777.M41

The Sulsalid Campaign was prosecuted by the Raptors Chapter in conjunction with elite squadrons of Battlefleet Solar. During the rebellion the worlds of the Sulsalid Sub-sector had deposed their rightful rulers in favour of heretical ideals of 'progress' and 'democracy'. Determined to stop the spread of treachery the Adeptus Terra ordered the swift destruction of the rebellion.[1b]

The Raptors took command of retreating Imperial Guard forces and used them as cover to launch their own strikes on the enemy control and supply structure. Before long the power-distribution network of the sub-sector's capital world Auranar was severed in a dozen locations. The rebels retreated before the Imperial Guard's mass assault and Assault Squads and Thunderhawks of the Raptors slew the Sulsalid Ordinators in their sky-palaces, efficiently ending the rebellion.[1b]

Lycanthos Drift Campaign - 780.M41

In the closing stages of the rebellion one of the last remaining rebel strongholds was situated in the Lycanthos System, to the galactic south of the Maelstrom Zone. The Astral Claws Chapter Master Lufgt Huron was elected battle leader of a force comprising Space Marines from his own Chapter, the Fire Hawks, the White Scars and the Celestial Guard, as well as Krieg and Cal-Sec Imperial Guard and the Titans of Legio Venator.[1a]

Under Huron's leadership the system was purged in under a year. Huron himself led the assault on the 'widowmaker' bastion gate on Lycanthos Secundus - an almost indestructible fortress garrisoned by the Bleak Brotherhood Chaos Space Marines.[1a]

Imperial Order of Battle

Space Marine Chapters

Imperial Guard

Imperial Navy

Titan Legios

Rebel Order of Battle

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Cults
Several of these cults later resurfaced during the Krandor Rebellion in 795.M41[4]


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