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Waaagh! Planetsmasha

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Waaagh! Planetsmasha was a powerful Ork Waaagh! encountered in 977.M41.[1]


Deathskulls Big Mek Fragrak da Planetsmasha vowed that he would surpass all other Deathskulls by looting an entire world, jerry-rigging a combination of traktor beams, ramships and city-sized rokkit boosters to push the third moon of Taurabrax out of its orbit, directly onto a collision course with its parent world. The resultant catastrophe rendered all life on the thriving Imperial hive world extinct, fracturing continents, boiling the oceans off into space and burning away the world’s atmosphere, finally reducing Taurabrax to a drifting debris field. Satisfied with his work, Big Mek Planetsmasha took his pick of the choicest of these asteroids, adding thrusters, forcefields and ordnance arrays to turn them into a fleet of roks with which to spread even more mayhem across the system.[1]