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Francis was an Apothecary of the Blood Ravens 4th Company, who was part of a squad that fought Chaos Space Marines on the planet Kronus sometime before the Dark Crusade. As his squad marched to what he felt was their final battle with the traitors, Francis hid his narthecium, which contained the gene-seed of Brother Terrias Null and Initiate Ezekiel Remus, who died during an earlier battle, and a brief message. Francis did not feel they would survive the coming battle and asked whoever found the narthecium to return it to the Blood Ravens, so that at least some of their gene-seed would survive.[1]

Some five years before the Dark Crusade Malachi Ypres, a Blood Ravens Scout, would lead a team to Kronus in search of the missing squad. They would find Francis' narthecium in the Ork infested Rhean Jungle and Ypres judged the recovery of this lost gene-seed, to take priority over any further search for the squad; and ordered his team to return to their Chapter. The current status of Francis and his squad is unknown.[1]