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Frateris Templar

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The Frateris Templar were the military order of the Ecclesiarchy for several centuries.[1]



The Frateris Templar date back to at least mid M32 where they were assigned with guarding the Ecclesiarchal Palace .[1] They were strengthened soon after the Ecclesiarchy moved away from Terra and to the planet Ophelia VII in order to escape Administratum domination. With the previous restraints removed, the Ecclesiarchy began to grow in power, forming its own interstellar fleet and armies, which became known as the Frateris Templar. The forces numbered many commercial and war ships, and dozens of armies, each possessing the strength of an Imperial Guard regiment.[Needs Citation]

The Frateris Templar was an all male military order and operated effectively as the private army of the Ecclesiarchy. At times it was used to crush revolts against Ecclesiarchy power.[Needs Citation]

The Age of Apostasy

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Three hundred years after their founding the Ecclesiarchy moved back to Terra and the insane Goge Vandire seized the Ecclesiarchy as his own. When a man known as Sebastian Thor led the Confederation of Light in revolt against Vandire's tyranny, Vandire sent Frateris Templar to destroy him and the confederation, along with every living creature on the planet. However en-route to the planet the Templar fleet was engulfed in a warp storm and destroyed, the storm later came to be known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath.[Needs Citation]

After Vandire's defeat the Frateris Templar was fully disbanded and the Ecclesiarchy was barred from ever holding any men under arms. Their role was taken over by the Adepta Sororitas.[Needs Citation]


The equipment of the Frateris Templars seems to resemble that of the Imperial Guard. Frateris Templars soldiers were equipped with Carapace Armour and gold-plated Lasguns.[3b]

Known Members

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