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Freeblade Knight

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Targetdrone.gif Freeblade redirects here. For the video game, see Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade.
The Obsidian Knight, a famous Freeblade Knight[11]

Freeblade Knights refer to Imperial Knights and their pilots who leave their Knight World behind and travel across the Galaxy. These Knights owe no allegiance to any specific Knightly House and usually travel either alone with a small group of retainers and Sacristans or in small bands of Freeblades.[1a]

The exact number of Freeblades active in the galaxy is unknown, given how difficult it is to keep track of these warriors. It is suspected, however, that they number in the tens of thousands.[20a]

Known Freeblade Lances

Known Freeblades

Name Alias/Epithet Knight Notes Sources
Altorus The Iron Warden of Tarnis [13]
Atgos Atgos the Silent [10]
Arachnus, Auric Fought alongside the Ultramarines in the Battle for Macragge, where he slew a Dominatrix. [1a][20a]
Bastion [25]
Caradoc, Ambrose [16]
Cerberan, Hekhtur The Chainbreaker Canis Rex Last survivor of House Cerberan. [20b]
Chimaeros, Luk Kar The Knight of Ashes Sword of Heroes Leader of The Exiles. [14]
Cyril Lord Cyril the Indefatigable [4]
Dyros The Scorched Knight
Gerantius The Forgotten Knight He emerges from the depth of a sacred mountain of Alaric Prime to fight any who threaten him or his world. [1b][20a]
Hespar, Ekhaterina Lady Ekhaterina Hespar Duty Unending Member of The Exiles. [14]
J'madus Hw'ss Sire J'madus Hw'ss Crimson Death Member of The Exiles. [14]
Jarena Lady Jarena Ninthborn Fought in the Octarius War. [19]
Jarredhin Prince Jarredhin the Last Fought in the Octarius War. [19]
Kastarada, Maia Lady Maia Kastarada Wrath Inescapable Member of The Exiles. [14]
Krast, Xander Iron Redeemer
Madrigal The Night's Watchmen,
Last Invigilus of Damned Stygia
Marcel Sir Marcel The Blood Lord Last survivor of House Octobus. [6b]
Maxus, Kalena [20a]
Morghant Scion of Torres Member of the Padah March. [17]
Ohashi, Domeenito The Unerrring [11]
Pvortis, Yenior Fought in the Armageddon Wars. [20c]
Ranalf Sir Ranalf [5b]
Saiche, Klorian The Forgotten Warrior of House Trainor [2c]
Torjef Sir Torjef [9]
Vanaklimptas, Joren Former member of House Mandrakor. [22]
Vo-Geiss, Ranulf Sire Ranulf Vo-Geiss Void Member of The Exiles. [14]
Vortigan The Iron Warden of Tarnis The last Knight of House Drakkus. [13]
Yardan Sir Yardan Manifest Fury [7]
Amaranthine A legendary knight during the Tiberius Wars. [1b]
Baron Blood Fought in the Octarius War. [19]
Blade of Finality [1c]
Cerulean Knight of Threxis Fought in the Octarius War. [19]
Crimson Reaper Notorious for his murderous tendencies as he is for his skill in battle. [1b]
Crucible of Wrath [3][24b]
The Darkness
Dauntless Valour
Desolation of Solitude Fights alongside the Dark Angels Chapter. [5a]
Ferrum Magnificat
The Firebrand [2a][24c]
Forgotten Warrior Formerly of House Trainor. [24a]
The Green Knight [15b]
Impervious Rex [11]
Kappa Mu [2b]
Killer of Beasts Fought in the Octarius War. [19]
Knight of Dark Shadows [1a]
Living Litany Initially fought for the Imperium but then became Renegade. [11][12]
The Lost Knight [6a]
Manifest Vengeance [20a]
Moritor Repugnum
Mydos Almighty [11]
The Obsidian Knight Slew many T'au invaders on Agrellan. [1b]
Pale Reckoning [26]
Red Korinthian [23]
Retribution Incarnate Believed to be the last of a knightly house destroyed in the Macharian Crusade. [1b][20a]
Strident Ghost Formerly of House Raven. [21]
Truth of Mars
Unflinching Steel [15a]
The White Warden [8]
Wrath [1c]

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