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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the outlaw Orks; for the 1st edition book, see Freebooterz: Space Ork Army Lists.
Freebooters symbol[4]
A Freebooters Ork[4]

Freebooterz are Orks[1a] (and in rare cases - Gretchins)[6] who have separated themselves from their clan (by choice or through being exiled) and go off to live the life of pirates and mercenaries.[1a]


The composition of Freebooter bands can vary greatly depending on their origin and history; some are the remnants of shattered warbands, others are eccentrics or fugitives from Ork society.[1a]

Freebooterz forsake their previous Clan and tribal allegiances and usually wear a distinctive style of dress to emphasise this, often decorating themselves with ear and nose rings, Jolly Ork symbols and flamboyant clothing. As Freebooterz often don't have access to Painboyz or Mekboyz; their injuries frequently have to be patched up in a temporary manner, thus many Freebooterz sport eyepatches, peg-legs or hook hands. Freebooter bands are often led by a Kaptin, these individuals are even tougher, more ruthless and foul tempered than the rest of their brethren and are usually even more ostentatiously attired, frequently favouring large hats and voluminous coats in which they conceal numerous weapons and flasks of fungus rum.[1a]

The universal symbol of the Freebooterz is the Jolly Ork - an Ork Skull and Crossbones motif which often adorns their clothes, banners and vehicles.[1a]

Types of Ork Freebooter

  • Freebooter Pirates - the most common form of Freebooters, akin to a mob of Ork Boyz[1b]
  • Flash Gitz who aquire too many teeth for even their Flash Git bretheren (a feat to be respected!) often become Freebooterz and go off to terrorize the galaxy elsewhere[2]
  • Outcast Retinue - A Warboss and his closest retainers who have been ousted from their tribe by a newer, tougher Warboss[1j]
  • Renegade Mekboyz - Mekboyz from different tribes (often meeting during a Waaagh!) who have banded together through common interests[1d]
  • Bad Docs - Painboyz who have been cast out of their tribes for particularly deranged "eksperimentz," such as transplanting orks' brains with those of squigs.[1g]
  • Renegade Runtmasters - Runtherdz who tire of seeing their precious grots used as cannon fodder and abandon their tribe[1f]
  • Renegade Speed Freaks and Bad Ork Bikeboyz - speed-addicted Orks, often exiled from their tribes for particularly destructive acts of vehicular madness[1k]
  • Dreadmob - Mekboys and Painboyz who have totally devoted themselves to the construction of Deff Dreads[1m]
  • Weirdboy Warpheadz - Weirdboyz who have become addicted to using their powers can be a danger to their tribe and are sometimes driven off.[1h] Occasionally these individuals can even become possessed by a daemon[1p]
  • Freebooter Minderz - Thuggish Orks hired as bodyguards and enforcers[1l]
  • Wild Ork Outlaws - Feral Orks whose first contact with wider Ork 'kultur' has been with Freebooterz[1q]
  • Ork Mutant Mob - groups of unfortunate Orks who are shunned by their fellows due to their mutations[1o]
  • Chaos Renegade Ork Warband - Orks rarely turn to Chaos, but occasionally a Freebooter Kaptin may throw in his lot with the Dark Gods[1n]
  • Khorne's Stormboyz - Militaristic Stormboyz who have adopted Khorne as the patron of their warrior code[1c]
  • Gretchin Bandits - Outcast grotz who style themselves after Ork Freebooterz[1e]
  • Ork-Genestealer Brood - "The Green Brood" a group of Orks who have been contaminated by Genestealers and produced Ork/Genestealer hybrids[1i]

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