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Miniatures: Freebooterz

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1st Edition

Freebooterz include:

  • Nob with powerclaw and kustom weapon: 070683/1
  • Renegade Mek with kustom weapon: 070683/2
  • Bad Doc with power claw: 070683/3
  • Freebooter Boy 1: 070683/4
  • Freebooter Boy 1: 070683/5
  • Ork Kaptain: 070683/6
  • Ork Pirate with cyborg body: 070683/7
  • Freebooter Stormboy: 070683/8
Painting Example Data Miniature
Wd132 freebooterz.jpg
Date of Publication:
White Dwarf Ref.: WD 132
Material: Metal, some models have plastic arms

Other Editions

Note: Please add other editions, but be sure to keep the reference to WD, so we know the exact date in which the miniature was added to the catalog.

Painting Example Data Miniature
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