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Frenzon is the generic name for a variety of combat drugs which causes the user to become fearless and fanatical in combat. Frenzon is commonly administered by a means of a user-controlled wrist implant, which also contains an antidote allowing the user to control when the drug's effects will end. However Frenzon must be used with care because the repeated use of this stimulant could have a detrimental effect - unconsciousness and even death.[1]

Frenzon commonly used by high level officers of Imperium and some fighting units of the priesthood. Frenzon is also frequently employed by Penal Legions, though its use here is controlled remotely by an officer rather than by the user.[1] However, Frenzon should be used with caution, because is so potent that it can burst an ordinary man's heart.[3]

Assassins of the Eversor Temple also make use of Frenzon, heightening their already-potent combat abilities.[2]

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