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Fringe War

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The Fringe Wars and Fringe Campaigns are a variety of ongoing battlefronts seeking to defend against and pacify Xenos and Chaos threats all along the borders of the Moebian Domain. The various Xenos and Chaos threats from the fringes are colloquially referred to as the "Darktide" and the Imperium's Moebian Administratum intentionally keep the general populous of the worlds within the Moebian Domain ignorant to the details of what is faced and what occurs during these "Fringe Wars" against said "Darktide".[1]

As a result, the general populous speak of the Darktide's threats more as a boogey-man, rather than recognizing the reality of the existential threats constantly testing their borders.[1] Same is said for the freshly raised Moebian Regiments recruited from said populous, that is until they begin serving their long, meat-grinder tours in Fringes Regions theatres of war. Finally having the true face of the Moebian Domain's nightmarish foes revealed first-hand.[1]

The Fringe Region

The Fringe Regions have been a sight of constant assault by Chaos and Xenos threats that waxes and wanes, however the pressure of Darktide in M41 has waxed to a level not seen since the devastating Fringe Incursions of M35. The 41st millennia of the Moebian Domain is marked by the various Moebian Regiment's battles across the sector.

Along the Moebian Domain's fringes, there are many vassal worlds, colonies, backwaters, and outposts. The Fringe Region includes Infidus Brim, Phade, Komaris and Messelina Gloriana. Along the fringes are Jungle Worlds, Death Worlds, and Feral Worlds[3c] with many Feral Worlds noted as dotting the Domain's galactic north. These worlds are sites of constant battle to hold back the Darktide. The Moebians fight Fringe Wars and Fringe campaigns.[3b]

The recent fall of Komaris and the Komaris Belt Fortifications[3d] is memorialized in the Komaris Memorial Feast. The world of Komaris, a bastion of Imperial authority along the Fringes since it's founding during the Great Crusade[2], has fallen[3a] at some point during the Fringe Wars of M41.

Known Conflicts


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These constant wars of pacification and suppression date back to when Atoma Prime was first brought into the Imperium during The Great Crusade and have likely been going on throughout the Age of Strife. After the Moebian Domain's establishment, many Xenos worlds were either entirely exterminated by The Great Crusade Fleets or suppressed to the point that they represented minimal to no threat. This resulted in Fringe Region worlds of Komaris, Karnas, and Infidus Brim brought under Imperial control. In the following millennia, Komaris would prove to be an bastion of Imperial authority holding back Fringe Region incursions.[2]

In M33 to M35, the threats from the fringes began to grow into a far more serious threat. Details about the Xenos threats during this time is heavily redacted but it is noted that the threats take many extremely concerted efforts to quell affected areas.[2]

The start of M35, saw the fringes flare again, but there was a concerted push from the xenos threats aimed at the core worlds of Moebian Domain space. An unspecified Imperial force was sent to bolster the Moebian Domain's defences and repel the threat. The xenos force was eventually fragmented and the Moebian sector was once again securely in under Imperial control. Ultimately, the period of M35 was a pivotal period of upheaval and instability for the Moebian Domain.[2]

The Fringe activity would not be noted by Imperial Administratum as relatively quiet until M41 and the Era Indomitus approaches, reports of the Fringe Wars activity have begun to flare once again. The cause of this increased activity along the Fringe Regions is unknown. But the Fringe Wars activity is being reported with an increase in regularity not seen since M35.[2]