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Frost Axe

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A Frost Axe is a master-crafted melee weapon, used exclusively by the warriors of the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines, and is similar in many ways to more common Power Weapons of similar design.[1a]


Each Frost Axe is considered among some of the most prized weapons of the Chapter, and each is crafted by a master Iron Priest. The cutting edge of Frost Axes are often made from energised diamond, giving them the appearance of blades forged from purest ice. Other times, for those with the courage and skill to slay a mighty miles-long Kraken from the vast oceans depths of Fenris, the edge may be instead studded with the beast's diamond-hard teeth. Regardless of what the details of their design, all Frost Axes are power weapons of consummate lethality.[1a]


  • Giantkiller Pattern: A sub-type pattern of Frost Axe, also utilised exclusively by the Space Wolves Chapter.[1b]

Notable Frost Axes


Space Wolf Hero with Frost Axe[2]

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