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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Powerful Artifact; for the Electro-priests, see Fulgurites.

The Fulgurite is a powerful artifact.

Where naturally occurring fulgurite is formed when lightning strikes sand, fusing it into a rocklike formation, the artifact was created by the earthing of the Emperor's psychic lightning, dug up and carved into a spearhead shape, and it still bristles with a remnant of his might. The fulgurite is said to be powerful enough to kill a Perpetual.[1] The Fulgurite was eventually discovered on the world of Traois. Here, control of the Fulgurite became the subject to a fierce battle between Artellus Numeon and fellow survivors of the Drop Site Massacre, the Cabal agent John Grammaticus, and the Word Bearers under Erebus and Valdrekk Elias, the latter of whom wanted the artifact to achieve Daemonhood. However after Numeon was betrayed by Grammaticus and Elias by Erebus, Erebus mysteriously instructed Grammaticus to take the Fulgurite and leave Traoris unmolested. Grammaticus was then contacted by the Cabal and instructed to kill Vulkan with the Fulgurite.[1] Apparently, the weapon would only kill a Primarch if wielded by another, but Grammaticus refused the Cabal demands to give it to Konrad Curze and instead stabbed Vulkan himself, restoring the Primarch's sanity.[2]