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Fulminaris Aggressor

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The Fulminaris Aggressor is a unique battle standard that is carried by the Adeptus Custodes' Vexilus Praetors Standard Bearers. It was fashioned after the fall of Goge Vandire, to honour the wrath of the Emperor in punishing traitors and tyrants. The Praetors are infused with mysterious crypto-technological abilities that aid their breathern and allies in battle, but which abilities come to the fore depend on the Standard they carry. In the case of the Fulminaris Aggressor, its micro-thundercoil generatorum crackles with barely restrained power that arcs out to annihilate nearby foes. The Praetors can not only direct the Fulminaris Aggressor's lightning out at their foes, but can also use the lightning to increase the damage their own attacks do in battle.[1][2]

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