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Furioso Dreadnought

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Zariah, a Furioso Dreadnought

The Furioso Dreadnought is a Space Marine Dreadnought pattern used by the Blood Angels and their successor Chapters.


The Blood Angels Master of the Forges conceived this pattern in M35[5], although others believe that these warriors earned their scars in the Battle of Terra[4]. Reflecting his chapter's preference for close combat, the Furioso pattern enters battle with two Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons (Blood Talons or Blood Fists) and forgoes any heavy weaponry, although one arm may be replaced with a frag cannon as an assault weapon[4]. It also has one built in storm bolter or heavy flamer to deal with large numbers of light infantry as well as a meltagun for anti-armour duty.[2]

Mortally wounded Librarians are sometimes interred in a suit of modified furioso armour and are equipped with a force weapon and close combat weapon.[1a][2a] Dreadnoughts inducted into the Death Company are solely comprised of Furioso variants and Librarian Furiosos may also be found in use by the Blood Angels and their successors.[4]


Notable Furioso Dreadnoughts


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