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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Dreadnought; for the Iron Chaplain, see Furnous (Iron Chaplain).

Furnous is a Venerable Dreadnought of the Raukaan Clan of the Iron Hands.[1]

Once a Chaplain, Furnous was mortally wounded amid the demise of the Traitor Titan Angron's Fist. Dragged from the nuclear fires of the Titan's destruction, Furnous was subsequently entombed within a Dreadnought suit. Furnous has fought to prove himself worthy of the "honor" of Dreadnought entombment for almost 4,000 years since. The Venerable Dreadnought has taken part in Iron Hand victories on Dawnbreak, Foredecca, Helmgaard, Thenoth's World, and Nightmare Spire. Furnous’ seniority among the Dreadnoughts of clan company Raukaan is clear, his wisdom and counsel attended by the company’s leaders in all matters of strategy and war. When Raukaan march to battle, Furnous often forms his Dreadnought brethren around him in an unstoppable spearhead, and the former Chaplain bellows canticles of war as he kills, devoting each fallen foe to the Emperor and the Omnissiah alike.[1]

Sometime after the Great Rift's creation, Furnous became a Redemptor Dreadnought. He is now currently serving in strike force Wrath of Medusa, which has been sent to combat a suspected Xenos insurrection across the mining worlds of the Glassic Strait.[2]