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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Furta-Rith
Meaning: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Main Colours: Purple/Blue
Favoured Unit: Unknown
Speciality: Seers[1]
Reputation: Unknown
Main Enemy: Unknown

Furta-Rith is an Eldar Craftworld.[1]

Even amongst their fellow Craftworlds, the Eldar of Furta-Rith are renowned for their respect for Seers and mystics, which borders on the fanatical. This is because the reverence for prophecy has become deeply ingrained within them, after the powers of Furta-Rith's Psykers have repeatedly ensured the Craftworld's survival. Now the number of its population walking the Path of the Seer in the Craftworld is second only to Ulthwé and the Farseers of Furta-Rith openly share the twists of fate they have seen with their fellow Eldar.[1]


Craftworld Furta-Rith was created by David, a member of Games Workshop's Warhammer Community website team.[1]