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Fury Interceptor

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A Fury Interceptor.

The Fury Interceptor is the most common starfighter used by the Imperial Navy for space combat, having replaced the older Wrath Starfighter by the end of the Horus Heresy[3].


With some variants reaching 60 to 70 metres in length[Needs Citation], the Fury is significantly larger than most atmospheric fighters, and carries a pilot, navigator and gunner, although a pilot and gunnery officer are more than sufficient on scouting missions. On occasion, an Astropath will also be aboard to provide greater communications capability. The crew of a Fury Interceptor often wear suspensor wire pressure suits and specially contoured helmets to prevent to side-effects of rapid-acceleration.[2]

The Fury's reinforced hull contains an extensive network of circuitry and life-support systems, including pumps that cycle super-oxygenated blood into the crew's bodies through spinal connections[2], a chemical toilet, and sleeping compartments. Furies are normally equipped with multiple forward-firing banks of lascannons and anti-starfighter missiles, and its twin engines are able to put out sixty thousand pounds of thrust.[3d]

Some variants of the Fury Interceptor are known to possess shielding of an undetermined type. [4b] This is seen on Hornet and Storm Squadrons of the Lord Solar Macharius, including the ability to redirect shields to individual facings.

In the 41st Millennium

The Fury interceptor is the most widely used starfighter in the Imperial Navy, and is a vital component of the offensive power of many capital class ships. It is used primarily as an anti-fighter and anti-bomber platform.[Needs Citation]

Armament and Upgrades

Technical Specifications
Type Starfighter Operational Ceiling N/A
Vehicle Name Fury Max Speed
Forge World of Origin Range
Known Patterns Main Armament 2x wing-mounted Lascannons,
Crew Pilot, Navigator, Gunner, Astropath (optional) Secondary Armament 4x anti-starfighter missiles
Powerplant Main Ammunition
Weight Secondary Ammunition
Length 60.00-70.00m Armour
Wingspan Superstructure
Height Hull

Navy Units Known to Contain Fury Interceptors

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