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Gabriel Santar

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Gabriel Santar[6]

Gabriel Santar was the First Captain of the Iron Hands Legion and Equerry to the Primarch Ferrus Manus during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]

When Santar was just a sergeant, he took part in destroying Ork Kill Kroozers under his Primarch's command in the Fist of Iron. During one such operation near a Warp anomaly, Santar saw an Iron Hands Strike Cruiser among the wreckage, and was handpicked by Ferrus to join him in the boarding party along with Morn and Mechanicum representative Xanthus.[5]

The group discovered clues that the derelict ship came from some point in the future. Unidentified xenoforms began attacking the boarding party, forcing Ferrus to issue a fighting withdrawal. Santar lost his left arm in the skirmish but continued fighting in such a way that impressed the Primarch, enough to consider making him First Captain over Morn.[5]

Santar rose to become Captain in of the Avernii-Clan Company, also known as the Morlocks, which were an elite formation of the Iron Hands that wore Terminator Armour.[1a][2] His own armament was Terminator Armour with a pair of Lightning Claws.[2] He is said to have often clashed with Lord Commander Amadeus DuCaine, viewing him as a relic of the past that refused to die.[4a] During the Fall of the Lords of Gardinaal, Santar was grievously wounded during the fighting and his a large part of his left side and lower torso were replaced entirely by bionics.[4b]

Santar was again badly wounded along with ten of his Morlocks when Fulgrim was forced to escape after enraging Ferrus Manus with an offer to join Horus in rebellion.[1b] Santar was part of the Iron Hands deployed during the Dropsite Massacre on Istvaan V; in this battle, he led a large loyalist counter-attack through the Kesh Rift Salient. There, he killed many Emperor's Children and tore traitor champion Narvo Quin apart.[7] Not long after, he was killed by Julius Kaesoron, First Captain of the Emperor's Children. Before he died, Kaesoron thanked Santar for giving him an exquisite experience.[1b]


First Captain Gabriel Santar[3]