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Gaethon Richter

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the heretic. For other uses of Richter, see Richter (disambiguation).

Gaethon Richter was the leader and self-proclaimed "messiah" of a xenophile Chaos cult on Vogel Passionata, before he was apprehended and executed by Inquisitor Javes Thysser. Gaethon had briefly managed to bind the powerful daemonhost Cherubael to his service, though it was later evident that the daemonhost was using him as a pawn. The daemonhost easily slaughtered Thysser's retinue, but spared Thysser himself, mistaking him for Gregor Eisenhorn. Realizing its mistake, the daemonhost disappeared. As Thysser placed his pistol to the kneeling Richter's head, the heretic's last words were tearful pleas for Cherubael to return, or at least explain why it had deserted him.[1]