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Gal Vorbak

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The Gal Vorbak fighting the Adeptus Custodes after the Drop Site Massacre.[1b]

The Gal Vorbak (meaning The Blessed Sons in Colchison, also called The Unburdened[3]) were an elite formation of Possessed Chaos Space Marine warriors of the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy.


Originating from the Serrated Sun Chapter of the Word Bearers Legion, they were originally members which had journeyed with Ingethel the Ascended to the newly-settled planet Cadia and the Eye of Terror to discover the Primordial Truth, bringing the revelation back to their Primarch Lorgar. During their experiences in the Warp-tainted Eye, the members of the Serrated Sons became possessed by Daemons and most would eventually willingly submit to them in exchange for enhancing their already superhuman Astartes powers. The Gal Vorbak's first notable action was fighting against loyalist forces in the Drop Site Massacre[1a], where all the original members were wiped out battling Custodes[5] (and Corax)[7] save for Argel Tal. In the aftermath of the battle, Tal formed a new generation of Gal Vorbak known as the Vakrah Jal.[5]


Members of the Gal Vorbak were distinguished by the crimson red color of their armor, as opposed to the standard grey that pre-Heresy Word Bearers wore.[1a]

Other Details

Even since the days of the Horus Heresy, Gal Vorbak augmented their wargear with spikes and blades for use in close combat.[7]

Notable Members


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