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Caito Galenus

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In the wake of the Battle for Macragge, Caito Galenus became the Captain of the Ultramarines 5th Company, the last of the four Battle Companies. He is also Master of the Marches.[1] Captain Galenus's predecessor as 5th Company Captain was Cato Sicarius, the current 2nd Company Captain.[2]

As Master of the Marches, it is Galenus’ task to guard the approaches to Ultramar and attend to threats building beyond the empire’s borders. To this end, Galenus has built strong ties with the Chapter’s shipmasters. His company makes substantial use of orbital supporting assets, each strike force typically being assigned to a specific Sword-class frigate or strike cruiser for the duration of each tour outside of Ultramar. Galenus himself is a master of space warfare and has commanded numerous warships in his time. He is known for his expertise in zero-gravity combat, ship-to-ship boarding actions and planetary drop assault. Where possible he prefers to observe his enemies from afar, making substantial use of Vanguard forces to scout out the foe.[4]

During the 13th Black Crusade, Galenus was succeeded by Captain Phelian, but the circumstances for this are unknown.[3]

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