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Game Designers

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This is a page for the major game designers of Warhammer 40,000. Below the authors are recent editions of the books. Some older, out-dated works will be mentioned under the specific author unless a substantial amount of authors contributed to the work.

Current Developers

Jonathan Green

Andy Hoare

Andy Hoare has worked as a developer since 2001 and spends his time focused on creating rules for the main Warhammer 40,000 system.

Just about every Codex and every Rulebook written since 3rd edition has been contributed in by Andy Hoare.

Black Library works
  • Rogue Star
  • Tactica Imperialis

Jervis Johnson

Phil Kelly

Warwick Kinrade

Rick Priestley

Main article: Rick Priestley

Gav Thorpe

Main article: Gav Thorpe

Previous Developers

This section is to acknowledge the Warhammer 40,000 developers that have contributed in the past but no longer are active with Games Workshop.

Bryan Ansell

Bryan Ansell was the founder of Citadel Miniatures (in the late 1970s) and at a later date bought out Games Workshop and rose to become Managing Director of Games Workshop.

Along with Rick Priestley, the Perry Twins, and others, Ansell was responsible for the massive Warhammer (later Warhammer Fantasy Battle) boom of the mid to late 1980s, which many long term wargamers now refer to as 'the Golden Era'. In many ways it was the Warhammer game developed by Ansell (and Priestley) that made Games Workshop so successful and which has enabled the continued growth of the company since.

Ansell was a contributer to Laserburn and Imperial Commander (1981) - Imperial Commander's background and the rule system of Laserburn influencing Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game which was developed when Ansell and Richard Halliwell were at Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures. His last contribution to Warhammer 40,000 was as design consultant for W40K second edition rulebook.

After another Games Workshop buy out (in the 90's), and a change of emphasis by the company towards a younger market, he left Games Workshop to concentrate on Wargames Foundry. Another figure manufacturing company set up in the mid 1980s by Ansell, Wargames Foundry was established to market historical miniature ranges originally sculpted by the talented Perry Twins for Citadel Miniatures, but no longer sold as part of the Games Workshop fantasy ranges. Ansell took with him a number of other moulds for figures which had been variously used for both historical and fantasy figures under Citadel Miniatures and Games Workshop and these have since become part of the ever growing Wargames Foundry range.

Wargames Foundry is still (as of 2007) going strong and after a brief stint in Guernsey in the early 1990s is once again based in Nottingham. They continue to sell a massive range of metal figures for historical, sci-fi and fantasy wargaming.

Andy Chambers

Main article: Andy Chambers

Pete Haines

Pete Haines was an employee of Games Workshop who helped design and worked on many Codexes.

Graham McNeill

Main article: Graham McNeill

Ian Pickstock

Ian Pickstock was a member of staff at Games Workshop in the 1990s.

A self confessed 'tread-head', Ian was an avid follower of the Imperial Guard and regularly contributed articles focussing on tank tactics in White Dwarf magazine as well as featuring in a number of battle reports.

Ian was the a co-author of Codex: Assassins

Anthony Reynolds

Anthony Reynolds

An Australian native, Anthony Reynolds was employed by Games Workshop for six years, as both a Games Developer and a member of the Management team. Since leaving the company (and returning to Australia) he has penned several works for the Black Library.[6]

Black Library works

Nigel Stillman

White Dwarf articles

Game Books

Fourth Edition Books

This is a list of the Fourth Edition books and the designers that contributed in them:

Design: Rick Priestley and Andy Chambers with Alessio Cavatore, Pete Haines, Anthony Reynolds, Jervis Johnson, Adam Troke
Background: Gav Thorpe with Andy Chambers, Phil Kelly, Matthew Ward, Alan Merrett, Graham McNeill, Rick Priestley


Older Edition Books

Old Codexes

Index Astartes - Note, "Warhammer 40,000 Overfiend" Andy Chambers wrote the foreword of each Index Astartes

Campaign Books

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