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Games Day Anthology 2012/2013

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Games Day Anthology 2012/2013
Cover art by Clint Langley
Author (Warhammer 40,000 fiction) Dan Abnett, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Matthew Farrer, Anthony Reynolds, Rob Sanders

(Warhammer fiction) Josh Reynolds

Publisher Black Library
Preceded by Games Day Anthology 2011/2012
Released September 2012

Black Library's Games Day Anthology 2012/2013 was released in September 2012, exclusively at Games Day Australia and Games Day Birmingham.[1]

Warhammer 40,000 Fiction

Distant Echoes of Old Night

by Rob Sanders

Sent to wipe out the last survivors of a downed Imperial Fists vessel, Death Guard Chaplain Murnau unleashes one of his Legion's most deadly units - the fearsome and infamous Destroyers.


by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

The Horus Heresy is over, the traitors have been defeated and the Sons of Horus are a dying Legion. Can Ezekyle Abaddon reunite the Warmaster's sons before they embrace extinction?

The Blessing of Iron

by Anthony Reynolds

Battle-Brother Dolmech protects an Adeptus Mechanicus functionary on a rebel-held world. But what do the Iron Hands want with Beneficiari Armicus, and who else is hunting him?

The Memory of Flesh

by Matthew Farrer

Warring with deadly aliens, the Iron Hands are plagued by equipment malfunctions. They are the masters of the machine, but now their technology seems to have a mind of its own...


by Dan Abnett

An outbreak of violence at an Inquisitorial conclave throws Gregor Eisenhorn into a deadly confrontation with a malevolent psyker – and an even deadlier one with his old friend Gideon Ravenor.

Warhammer Fiction

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