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Gammus was a Force Commander in the Imperial Fists Space Marine Legion, who took part in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

During the Horus Heresy

In the war with Horus' forces, he survived the Battle of Phall and afterwards, with his Primarch Dorn's permission, he organized a strike force focused on striking the Traitors from the shadows. As the Heresy progressed, Gammus' recon squads would engage in infiltration, sabotage and assassination strikes. Though he was troubled by their actions, Gammus believed they did not dishonor themselves, as his Primarch would have never adopted the recon squads usage amongst the Imperial Fists otherwise.[1]


The Force Commander would later lead his strike force to aid Tallarn and while there, he discovered that the Traitors' macro-transporter Eagle's Talon was delivering reinforcements to the world. If the macro-transporter had succeeded in doing so, the reinforcements would have helped Horus' forces win a decisive battle in Tallarn's southern continent. This would have permanently tipped the war's scale to the Traitors' favor and have given them the momentum they needed to conquer Tallarn. Gammus would not allow that to happen and quickly infiltrated the Eagle's Talon with three squadrons, led by himself and Sergeants Theophon and Arcad.[1]

Their main objective was to gain control of the Eagle's Talon's communication trunk, which would then prevent any of its stations from receiving the bridge's commands. If the bridge could not give orders to the rest of the transporter's sections, then it would be effectively paralyzed and unable to bring down its reinforcements to the Traitors. However if Gammus and his squadrons would not have been able to do that, then their secondary objective was to plant explosives next to one of the Eagle's Talon's power conduits. Once the bombs exploded, the transporter's engines would cut out and cause the transporter to plummet into the battle taking place on the southern continent. Sergeant Theophon disagreed with this course of action, though, as the impact would kill any Imperial forces fighting there. It would also risk fatally damaging the underground shelters, that Tallarn's surviving population were living in. Gammus would not change his mind and noted that in war, there was always a price to pay and Tallarn was already a dead world. The Force Commander also refused to not do all he could, to prevent Horus' forces from winning and then ordered Theophon to plant the explosives and key them to his control. Gammus reminded Theophon, however, that he would activate them only as a last resort. Soon afterwards, though, Sergeant Arcad and his squadron were discovered and killed before they could seize control of the Eagle's Talon's communication trunk. The Traitors then found Gammus' other squadrons and it would have been only moments, before the outnumbered Imperial Fists were killed.[1]

Only one choice was now left to Gammus, to end the Eagle's Talon's threat, but he suddenly was not willing to activate the bombs. The Force Commander then told Theophon that the Sergeant had been right and that he would not kill their own allies to achieve victory. To his surprise, Theophon disagreed and said that it was Gammus who had been right - if they hesitated to do what was necessary, in the war with Horus' forces, then there would be no future for the Imperium. Despite Gammus' objections, Theophon then activated the bombs and sent the Eagle's Talon plummeting into Tallarn's southern continent. When it hit, the transporter largely destroyed the forces fighting there and prevented either side from claiming victory.[1]