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Garaghak[1a] (also - Garagak)[2] also known as the Arch-Killa and Overfiend of Tallarax, is a powerful Ork Warboss, who leads Waaagh! Garaghak across the Forsarr Sector of Segmentum Tempestus. After becoming dominant in his own clan, Garaghak managed to gain enough notoriety amongst other Orks to draw more and more warbands under his banner. Soon he became the dominant Ork warlord of the Forsarr Sector and launched increasingly bold attacks upon Imperial outposts and shipping in the area. Fearing that he was going to eventually lead a devastating Waaagh! across the Sector, the Imperium launched a surgical raid led by Raven Guard Space Marines and Elysian Drop Troops of the Imperial Guard, in an attempt to put an end to Garaghak before he became a greater threat.[1a]

The Imperial forces attempted to destroy Garaghak and his army on the world of Kastorel-Novem but intelligence provided by the Logis Strategos proved poor, underestimating the size of Garaghak's forces or the true genius behind his operations: the Mek-Boss Buzzgob. As a result, the Imperial raid failed and Garaghak's power in the Sector is growing.[1b]

He is known to travel into battle in his own personalised Battle Fortress.[1c]

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