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Garaghak's World

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Garaghak's World is a former Imperial Hive World. Originally known as Forsarr it was a capital of Forsarr Sector.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Garaghak's World (former Forsarr) Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus
Sector: Forsarr Sector
Subsector: Unknown
System: Kastorel System
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Orks
Class: Ork World (former Hive World)
Tithe Grade: Unknown


Forsarr was besieged in 705988.M41 by Orks of Waaagh! Garaghak. Millions of Orks were deployed in an epic conflict, known as the Siege of Forsarr.

Known battles of this war include the Siege of Succuro-Prime Hive in 296994.M41 during which the 227th Mordian Iron Guard Regiment was eliminated in a ten-day battle with Garaghak's forces; and the elimination of Wakskum's Dakkaboys in 870995.M41 on the 89th Parallel by Raven Guard strike force, lead by Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike. The world eventually fell in 411996.M41. It was renamed Garaghak's World and the Warlord now calls himself 'Warlord of Forsarr'. This defeat made the whole sector indefensible for the Imperial Guard High Command and the Guard forces began to retreat en-masse, abandoning the Forsarr Sector despite Ecclesiarchy complaints. In 995999.M41 Orks of Waaagh! Garaghak are mustering on Garaghak's World to continue their war against the Imperium.[1][2]

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