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Gareox Prerogative

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The Gareox Prerogative refers to a group of Imperial Navy officers in M36 who sought to radically redefine Imperial naval doctrine.[1]


In M36, a group of Tempestus tacticians dubbed the Gareox Prerogative came to prominence. This school proposed a complete change to the fleet's doctrine of attack craft-based carriers which had proved very effective against pirate squadrons. They eventually gained enough political control to influence ship designs. The result were attack craft-based carrier-warships such as the ill-fated Despoiler Class Battleship. This action eventually brought them into conflict with more traditional naval officers on Bakka, eventually leading to an all-out civil war dubbed the Gareox Incident. In the incident, the Gareox attack-carriers proved inferior to the all big-gun battleships of the traditionalists, leaving little room which school of thought reigned supreme in the Imperial Navy. The Gareox Fleet eventually turned to blasphemy, fleeing into the Warp.[1]