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Gargash Korbul

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Gargash Korbul was the Ork Warboss who led Waaagh! Korbul during the Siege of Perlia in the 920's M41.


This page contains spoilers for: Death or Glory (Novel)

After uniting several disparate Ork tribes, Korbul declared a Waaagh! against all Imperial worlds across the Perlian subsector. The main focus of the Waaagh! was on Perlia itself, where the subsector's primary industrial capacity was[1a].

With a foresight uncharacteristic of most Orks, Korbul anticipated the arrival of Imperial reinforcements and stationed a small battle fleet on the outskirts of the system, and used his limited number of Weirdboyz to pull the arriving reinforcements out of Warp space prematurely and into his trap. As a result, the first wave of reinforcements from the Imperial Guard were delayed in reaching the planet, where the forces already on the ground were besieged on one of the primary continents[1b][1c].

However, by a lucky chance, the void battle forced Commissar Ciaphas Cain and his aide, Ferik Jurgen, to eject from their troop ship and land on the planet behind the Ork lines. There, they unexpectedly marshalled a force of scattered elements from the PDF, the Imperial Guard, and various civilian refugees. This force made its way towards the continent held by the Imperial forces, until they unexpectedly blundered onto a PDF supply cache being used by Korbul as his command post[1d].

Cain and Jurgen found Korbul's quarters by accident, and the Warboss rushed them. Ironically, this probably saved their lives in the long run, since doing so discouraged his Nob Captains from doing the same[1e]. Cain, although an exceptional swordsman, was no match for the Warboss's enhanced strength, but he used this to his advantage. When their blades locked, Korbul forced Cain's own chainsword back towards him. Cain waited until he was close enough, then rammed his laspistol into Korbul's eye socket and fired at point-blank range. Korbul fell dead, and within moments his Nobz fell to arguing, and fighting, amongst themselves[1d].

With Korbul and so many of his biggest Nobz dead, his Waaagh! likewise disintegrated into the chaotic melee typical of Orks[1f].


Korbul wore a suit of Mega Armour that, though ramshackle in appearance, greatly enhanced his speed and strength, and was immune to fire from Laser weapons and probably heavier weapons as well[1d].

Affixed to one of his augmented arms was a Power Klaw, and to the other a Shoota that looked, to Cain's frightened eyes, "large enough to have poked my head inside."[1d]

Ironically, Korbul's armour proved counterproductive, since the heavy plate meant to shield the back of his head caused Cain's lasbolts to richochet, shredding the inside of his cranium[1d].

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