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Garrein was the Emperor's Champion of Marshal Marius Amalrich's Cruxis Crusade when it came to the defense of Cadia during the Thirteenth Black Crusade[1a]. When the battle for the Fortress World was lost, the Cruxis Crusade was evacuated to Archmagos Belisarius Cawl's Ark Mechanicus, the Iron Revenant, before Cadia was destroyed on the orders of Abaddon the Despoiler[1b]. Before they could escape the Cadian System though, they were pursued by Abaddon's fleet and under the guidance of the Living Saint Celestine, they sought refuge on the frozen moon Klaisus[1c]. However, they were later pursued by Abaddon once again and, in order for the majority of the Imperium survivors to escape, Marshal Amalrich asked for half of his remaining Crusade to volunteer to slow the Black Legion's pursuit. Garrein took command of this rearguard and they stopped Abaddon's pursuing forces for several hours, before they were eventually killed by the Black Legion.[1a]