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Garreon, also known as the Corpse Master, was the Lord Apothecary of the Astral Claws and later the Red Corsairs.[1a]

Before the Badab War, he was famous among fellow Apothecaries of the Adeptus Astartes for his scrolls and early documentation on gene-seed implantation.[1a] Along with his student Variel[2] and Forge Master Armanneus Valthex[1b], Garreon was instrumental in repairing the grievously wounded Lufgt Huron at the end of the Badab War.[1a] His nickname "the Corpse Master" came not from a desire to see the dead rise, but from a pathological interest in the dead and dying. Garreon was quite well known for dissecting enemies and Red Corsairs alike, some of them while still alive.[1c]

Garreon is one of Huron's few lieutenants that he feels is genuinely loyal.[3]