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Garro (Novel)

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Author James Swallow
Performer Toby Longworth
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy
Preceded by Master of Mankind
Followed by Shattered Legions
Released February 2017
Pages 384
Length 12 hours 27 minutes

Garro by James Swallow is book 42 in the Horus Heresy Series, incorporating and expanding on Garro stories originally released in audio and novella format. It was released in e-book format on 25 December 2016, and in print in February 2017.


From out of the shadows of the Silent War, a hero emerges. Clad all in grey, an errant warrior of the Legiones Astartes kneels before the Regent of Terra, and accepts a solemn new duty – Battle-Captain Garro, once commander of the Eisenstein, now Agentia Primus of Malcador the Sigillite. From the desolation of Isstvan III to the halls of the Imperial Palace itself, he stands as a paragon of loyalty and protector of the innocent, ever ready to strike back at the traitorous allies of the Warmaster. But Garro is walking a path of his own, one that may lead him to question his own place in the Imperium... and what if he, too, should falter?

Contents and Editions

The collector's edition hardback includes a full-art hardcover, a glossy dust jacket in the Horus Heresy series style, internal illustrations and an exclusive author afterword.

The eBook edition includes integrated illustrations of characters and events from the story, and an afterword that places the story in context within the series.

This novel includes content from the audio dramas:

According to Black Library's Horus Heresy Series editor Laurie Goulding, "Garro is not a collection of short stories — it's James Swallow's full novelisation of Nathaniel Garro's story arc, something we've previously only seen (in part) in the audio dramas and novella. There are new and extended scenes, whole new chapters in fact, making this just about the most definitive exploration of the founding of the Knights Errant, and everything that comes after."[Needs Citation]


Part One: The Sword

Oath of Moment

See also Garro: Oath of Moment (Audio Book)

On Luna's Sea of Crises, Nathaniel Garro reflected on his arrival and the events on the Eisenstein while being kept as a prisoner in the Somnus Citadel by the Sisters of Silence. Malcador appeared, and Garro expressed his anger at being kept idle and without purpose. Malcador responded that Garro was like a ghost, no longer of a legion and trapped between the light and the dark; Garro would be used for a different purpose. Malcador then led Garro to a tech-adept who marked his armor with Malcador's symbol. Garro pledged his fealty to Malcador, but only if it served the Emperor. Malcador then told him that another agent would provide him a list of names to recruit, and Garro speculated that it was possibly Severian's doing. In total, there would be 20 warriors to be recruited.[2a]

Garro traveled to Calth, the Ultramarine staging world that was besieged by the traitorous surprise attack by the Word Bearers. On the planet, Lieutenant Olen and his men of the Espandor Imperial Auxilia fought on the surface as they tried to cross the Plains of Dera to the underground cave network that would provide shelter. However, they were prevented from reaching safety by the appearance of daemons. Before they were overrun, a grey Stormbird appeared and Garro dropped amongst the daemons as the ship left once again. With his great sword Libertas, Garro cut through the daemons, relieving the soldiers before he confronted them, demanding information on where the 21st Company of the Ultramarines and Brother-Captain Erikon Gaius was located. Olen told him that the 21st were seen near Numinus, then asked for his identity and his Legion affiliation, to which Garro responded with his name and said he was a Legion of one.[2a]

The 21st Company was battered in the initial assault, and many were dead. It was only through the strength of their leader, their Captain known as the hero of the Haddir Uprising, "the Strong," and "the Unflinching," that they were able to survive and fight back. However, they were stuck in Numinus City guarding a railway, fighting back Word Bearer forces trying to take the city, including the cultist forces of the Brotherhood of the Knife. Gaius pulled Tylos Rubio from the watch and led him to the fallen form of Apothecary Mieles for funerary rites and for the removal of his progenoid. Gaius then spoke to his men, telling them that though they could not know what madness had overcome Lorgar and the Warmaster, but their duty was clear. Rubio slipped away, feeling guilty that he was too slow to prevent the death of the Apothecary, and he regretted no longer being able to use his psyker powers due to the Decree of Nikaea. Gaius came to him, inquiring as to what was wrong, but they were interrupted by Garro's approach.[2a]

Garro made his way across the ruined planet and past the combat zones to Niminus City. As he was spotted, the Ultramarines raised their weapons, deeming him a threat and demanding that he halt.[2a] Garro's lack of Legion colours confused the Ultramarines, however, Garro made it clear that he was there to find Gaius, and Rubio wished that he could use his powers to scan him. Garro told them that he was formerly a Brother-Captain but no longer, and Rubio questioned him further regarding his lack of insignia. He accused Garro of "[courting] death, like some ancient knight errant," and Garro appreciated the new title. Gaius questioned Garro further, and Garro revealed the Sigil of Malcador to show that he had greater authority, but refused to say more about his mission. Garro then approached Rubio as the other Ultramarines returned to their guard duty. Rubio watched Garro, wondering what his purpose was, as Garro quietly examined his surroundings.[2b]

A vision came over Rubio, and he saw a battle in which Gaius was felled. Garro called his name, pulling him out of it and warning him of an attack. Rubio finally pulled out of it, and he hurried to Gaius's position to fight by his side as more cultists attacked. Gaius charged into them, fighting deep in their massive wave, but they were able to pull him down by their number. Gaius was able to push forward and break free as Rubio moved into them with Garro. As they fought, Garro spotted the true enemy force, and a Defiler attacked. The Ultramarines' weapons were ineffective. Rubio recognized the scene from his vision, and he charged forward, but he was blasted from his feet before he could reach Gaius. The Chaos machine then rammed a leg into Gaius, but Rubio was able to pull him free soon after. Before the Defiler could blast Rubio, Garro charged forward and jumped onto the machine's turret. Using Libertas, he was able to stab into it as Devastators moved into position and blasted it. It detonated soon after, with Garro jumping free, breaking the cultists' attack.[2b]

Garro went to Rubio and Gaius, seeing Word Bearer legionaries approaching now. Rubio honored Gaius as he lay dead, and Garro told him that he could have used his power to prevent it. Rubio lashed out, saying he was bound by orders to refuse, but he was torn. Garro admitted that he came for Rubio, not for Gaius, to help form a host of legionaries to serve the Imperium. Rubio refused to leave his brothers, even if it meant denying the Sigilite's order, and Garro felt in sympathy with Rubio and promised to fight with him. They fought the Word Bearers together, but they were outnumbered five to one. As they fought, Garro reflected that, even before they turned traitor the Word Bearers had been fervent and militant warriors, and obviously the Emperor's rebuke of them for their idolatrous devotion to Him had the opposite effect, turning them to the worship of worse deities. Garro was particularly filled with disgust at seeing the Word Bearers desecrate the dead, pumping bolter shells into an already-fallen Ultramarine and laughing as they did so.[2b]

The battle was too much, and Rubio ordered the Ultramarines to fall back to the rail tunnel at their back. Word Bearer Terminators moved forward then, devastating the remaining Ultramarines. Garro told Rubio that they must pull back from the attack, and Rubio said they could not. Garro prodded him forward, pushing him to rely on his psyker powers to win. Rubio could not take it anymore, and he lashed out with his powers. The massive blast hit the Terminators and the tunnel mouth collapsed on top of them. Although the Ultramarines had won, they no longer trusted Rubio and shunned him for his deed. Garro offered him the blade of Libertas and had Rubio swear his allegiance to Malcador.[2b]

Sword of Truth

See also Garro: Sword of Truth (Audio Book)

Tylos Rubio traveled to the Sol system, approaching Terra for the first time. He was summoned to the Somnus Citadel, where he found Nathaniel Garro waiting for him. As Rubio waited, he reflected on the Great Crusade, his previous status as a Codicier, and the actions of Magnus the Red and the Thousand Sons that lead to the Decree of Nikaea. After a moment, Garro was willing to speak, and Rubio questioned him as to what their role is to be. Garro explained the nature of the Knights Errant and the Horus Heresy. They were to protect the Emperor as he tried to make his great works come to pass, and Garro led Rubio to the armoury to be provided with new armour. Rubio hesitated to put it on, and Garro explained that they would be made into a "new ideal." As Rubio armored himself once more as a Librarian, his power awoke and he caught a glimpse into Garro's mind and the cult of the God Emperor. Before he could question Garro, Khorarinn, a Custodian, appeared and ordered them to follow him to a shuttle that would take them to the Retribution-class battleship Nolandia. The Custodian refused to say anything more on the matter but sent veiled insults towards Garro. Before Garro could fight back, Khorarinn made it clear that he had the authority of Malcador on this mission, and Garro assented. Rubio pushed forward, demanding to know what the nature of their enemy was, and the Custodian simply said "traitors."[2c]

En route to the Kuiper belt, on the outskirts of the Sol system, Garro became impatient with the lack of communication and sought out Khorarinn in the training room. Garro only interrupted when Khorarinn was finished with the last of the combat servitors, and the Custodian challenged him to combat, taunting him into drawing Libertas. They fought, and Garro realized how impressive the Custodians were at combat and that he was just being toyed with. Garro took an opportunity when Khorarinn thought to win to move in close, disarming the Custodian of his Sentinel Blade. Garro then asked if the Custodian was to disengage, and the Custodian responded that he would tear Garro apart if the blade touched him then admitted that he underestimated Garro. The Custodian then tried to dismiss Garro, and Garro retorted again that he was not under the Custodian's command. In response, Khorarin decided that he would give Garro information for winning.[2c]

In the ship's strategium without any crew present, Khorarinn explained that a small flotilla of mostly civilian ships without marking or authorities had been interdicted beyond Pluto, led by the Daggerline, a fast attack frigate bearing the heraldry of the World Eaters. Garro recognized the ship from Isstvan Three, and Khorarinn stated that they claimed to be loyalist refugees who fled the massacre and betrayal. Among them were Imperial Auxilia, merchants from the Eriden Sector, and others who joined as they returned to Terra. Garro realized that Malcador must have sent him because of his own insight, due to his having fled in the same manner. However, the Custodian stated that Garro would provide a report but the Council of Terra would ultimately decide their fate. The Custodian then made it clear that he was letting the former Death Guard accompany the mission against his own judgement, and that he considered the rogue fleet guilty until proven innocent because it could be a trick by Horus. Khorarinn also made it clear that he still considered the Emperor's Decree in effect, and warned Garro not to let Rubio use his powers in Khorarinn's presence.[2c]

Garro told Rubio what took place and the comments regarding use of psyker powers, and Rubio balked at the Custodian's arrogance. Garro pushed back a little and said for Rubio to keep his focus clear. He then explained their mission to Rubio, and Rubio began to research the data that they had before he mentioned that he overheard comments from the battleship's crew of a "zero option": that the small, barely armed fleet is to be destroyed at the first sign of anything amiss. This worried Garro, but Rubio said that Khorarinn's precautions could be correct. However, Garro said that they were fighting for the Emperor's dream, and that they would not kill out of fear. Once the Nolandia arrived, its weapons were made ready, making it clear that the refugee ships were their prisoners. Garro went to the bridge as they were receiving hails from the Daggerline. Garro insisted on making vox contact with the flotilla's ad hoc leader: Macer Varren, former Captain of the World Eaters' 12th Company. Varren is rough and worn out, expressing sarcasm at the supposed threat from the small ships to the mighty battleship. He then showed recognition when Garro identified himself, expressing disbelief since he was told that Garro had been killed by Typhon at Isstvan. Garro muted the vox then told Khorarinn that he knew Varren by reputation as a tough company captain and pit fighter who (unlike the majority of the World Eaters) had a reputation for being honourable. Khorarinn warned the fleet not to break formation and to stay powered down until he (and only he) was satisfied that they were not agents of Horus. Varren raged at the order, but Garro explained that it was a hard time and that precautions must be taken, then expressed the need to talk face to face. Khorarinn expressed anger at the offer to meet with Varren, but Garro taunted him into joining by implying that the Custodian could stay if he was afraid of a trap.[2d]

After Khorarinn, Garro, and Rubio took a shuttle to the Daggerline, they met with Varren, and he was surprised by the Knight Errants armor. Rubio explained that they served Lord Malcador, and Khorarinn announced that they was a civil war and Varren wore the wrong colours. They were surprised to see other legionaries present: besides Varren's men, there were small contingents from the Emperor's Children, led by Captain Rakishio, and the White Scars, led by Captain Hakeem. The appearance of the White Scars changed Khorarinn's view a bit due to their unswerving loyalty, and Varren explained that Rakishio worked with him to escape the Isstvan System to Segmentum Solar via small jumps due to the warp storms. At one of the jumps, they met up with Hakeem's force, which was becalmed. The White Scars Techmarine Harouk repaired their navigational system, and they were able to travel the rest of the way. The Custodian then gave Hakeem a traditional greeting, and said that he once performed a Blood Game with the Scars. They all agreed that they were opposed to Horus, and that they wanted to face the Warmaster in battle. As the meeting ended, Rubio was able to feel that one of those present was lying, but he could not grasp it.[2d]

Back aboard the Nolandia, Rubio warned Garro what he felt, though he could not say from whom. This worried Garro, but they are interrupted by a message breaking into Garro's Legion vox from Hakeem. Hakeem stated that he believed there are Warmaster traitors at large. He stated that he thought Varren was honest, but that Rakishio and the Emperor's Children were not. His proof is that they call Rakishio "The Shadowed," and that he was good at deception. Additionally, they meet in secret aboard the tanker ship Mistral in Warrior Lodges meetings. Hakeem then ends the conversation. The message made Garro worry as to what Khorarinn would do if he found out, and Rubio explained that they didn't have much time due to the refugees lacking nourishment. They were then interrupted by the Custodian demanding that they come to the bridge. Once there, he tells them that he is issuing a vox alert to all ships that they are to stand by to be inspected deck-by-deck. The Daggerline tried to respond, but Khorarinn refused to accept. Garro explained that the action will only panic the civilians, and the Mistral broke formation and attempted to flee. After failing to respond to hails, Khorarinn ordered it destroyed, as an object lesson to the others. Garro pleaded for the Custodian to stop as Rubio used his power to see what was happening on the Mistral, and he was able to sense something dark trying to hide from him aboard it. As Garro pleaded over the vox for the Mistral to stop, Khorarinn was able to get a firing solution and destroyed the ship.[2d]

The attack on the Mistral was so powerful that it completely destroyed the transport ship. Before Garro could reproach Khorarinn, Rubio stopped him but the Custodian dared Garro to continue so he could be locked away. Khorarinn then justified himself, saying it was about order, and Garro stormed away. On the the Daggerline, Varren contemplated what to do when he was surprised by the appearance of Garro, who he instantly turned on for what took place. Garro tried to placate him, explaining that he and Rubio snuck aboard without Khorarinn's knowledge and were there to speak to him. Varren raged at the actions of the Custodian, criticzing him for deeming them traitors but not the White Scars, and he cursed Horus for tainting his the Legions with treachery. Garro told him that they must work together to find the truth over what was taking place, and he questioned Varren as to who he fully trusted among the refugees then about the nature of the lodges. Then Garro pushed further, asking about Rakashio, and Varren said that the Emperor's Children warrior saved him many times as Rakashio appeared.[2e]

Rubio waited with their Arvus Lighter as Librarian began to probe with his psyker abilities to find the deceit he sensed earlier that was aboard the Mistral. Instead of guarding the shuttle, Rubio determined that he must follow the sense. At the same time, Rakishio chalenged the distrust by Garro, and he swore his loyalty to the Emperor. Then Garro challenged him, asking why the Mistral fled to begin with. Rakishio accused Khorarinn of sowing fear, and said that the Custodian ordered representatives to appear on the deck to meet with him. Garro went with them, waiting with the other legionaries for the Custodian's arrival as Khorarinn and Naval ratings teleported in. Khorarinn threatened them, saying any who went for a weapon would be killed, then he criticized Garro for being there. Then the Custodian said he was taking command of all the ships, and Varren pushed back. In response, Khorarinn had a Mechanicum adept come forward to show a hololith image of the Mistral bridge that showed a legionary in the colors of the Emperor's Children execute the crew before taking control and forcing the ship to break away from the others. The Custodian then declares that Rakishio and his men were traitors.[2e]

Rubio continued to follow the psychic trail to the 8th level where the legionaries were barracked. Going through a cabinet, he found a lodge-medallion among Hakeem's personal effects. As he rushed back, Khorarinn's men aimed their weapons towards the Emperor's Children, and Varren questioned Rakishio as to what happened. Rakishio was shocked, not know what could have happened, and Hakeem claimed it could be an illusion or an impostor. The Custodian said that it could not be, and Garro challenged Khorarinn further. Rakishio pleaded forward, and Hakeem accused all of the Emperor's Children of being traitors. The Custodian ordered all loyalists to aim at the Emperor's Children and to fire on them if they did not surrender, and the White Scars aimed at them. Varren tried to interrupt, saying that the horror at Isstvan had to be ended, and the Custodian challenged Varren. Garro pushed for peace, and the Custodian insisted that they must surrender, and Varren backed down, telling Rakashio to do the same. Rakashio agrees, trusting in Varren, and the Custodian ordered the White Scars to help escort the Emperor's Children to the brig.[2e]

As they left, Rubio managed to contact Garro and, and he explain what he found when they were able to meet in person. Rubio showed Garro and Varren the lodge medallion that belonged to Hakeem, and Garro was disturbed that the White Scars could be traitors. Garro tried to warn Khorarinn, but there was no response.[2e] Khorarinn thought of the traitorous nature of the Emperor's Children he held prisoner, but then became confused that they were not traveling to the brig. Hakeem told him that the way was blocked, and the Custodian realized that they were led into a kill box. Garro's warning then came through, and Hakeem and the White Scars released their ambush, shooting them down from behind. Rakishio tried to fight back, charging a White Scar and taking a gun, but Hakeem downed him with three shots before cutting his throat. The Custodian fought back and killed some of the traitors, but he was overwhelmed by the numbers. Harouk taunted the Custodian for his arrogance and Hakeem told the Custodian that they would save his legion by joining with Horus.[2f]

Rubio was able to sense the Custodian's death, and Varren cursed that he missed the signs. They agreed that Rakishio and his men were innocent, and they realized that they couldn't contact the other World Eaters for support. At that moment, Hakeem broad casted across the vox that Rakishio killed the Custodian, and that the White Scars would seize control. Garro stated that they had to return to the Nolandia to stop the chaos, and Varren joined them. In a panic, the flotilla splintered. The refugees rioted and killed the crew of the cruiser Sylvinus, a mutiny was put down on the barge Tessen but lost life support, and other ships began to contemplate fleeing. The Sylvinus and the Tessen crashed into each other, which caused the other ships to break. The Nolandia, obeying Khorarinn's final orders, begins systematically destroying each ship as Garro finally found the vox-array, which was filled with the dead crew and the systems set to jam communication. He speculated that it was probably the Techmarine's action like the alteration of the hololith recording.[2f]

They are confronted by a squad of White Scars as Hakeem taunts them over the vox that he executed Varren's men. Though the White Scars outnumbered the three, Varren tore the traitor Marines apart with his power sword and fists in a fit of rage. The three moved on, and Rubio used his powers to blast the ratings that were loyal to Hakeem. Garro told them that they must go to the Nolandia, but Varren believed that it was cowardly. Instead, Varren wanted to kill all of the traitors or die trying, and Rubio said they had an option that they could get to the Nolandia and Varren would still have his vengeance that would take them deeper into the ship. They made their way to Khorarinn's body, and they were horrified by the seen as Rubio marked the names of those who died. They are soon confronted by Hakeem and the remaining White Scars, and Hakeem taunted Rubio as to his powers being weak. Garro accused Hakeem, and Hakeem explained that they must to join with the Warmaster and his vision. They would push back against the Imperial bureaucracy, which was weak. Garro questions Jaghatai Khan's loyalty, and Hakeem admits that they were in a minority amongst his legion.[2f]

Hakeem attacked Garro's loyalty, his religious fervor in supporting the Emperor. At Varren's word, the three warriors charged. Rubio blasted the White Scars with his powers, including the Techmarine, and Hakeem engaged Garro and Varren with his twin power swords. Hakeem gravely underestimated the World Eater's fury and the Death Guard's skill, falling back once he has lost an eye to Varren's sword and had both of his own snapped in two by Libertas. Once he broke free, he ordered his men to kill the loyalists with their boltguns, but Rubiofinally found Khorarinn's teleport homer and activated it, allowing them to escape. Once back, Garro ordered the Nolandia to send the true accounts of what took place then to stop firing except on the Daggerline, after Varren said that they should be destroyed as punishment.[2f]

Once they returned to Luna, Malcador questioned Garro as to what took place, and Malcador praised Garro and said that his trust was well founded. Garro pushed back some, saying that the innocent should not have died, and Malcador said they no longer had that luxury. He also told Garro that a single ship slipped through, possibly holding an agent of Horus, and he already ordered others to deal with the matter. Rubio entered with Varren, all in the same color armor, and Varren said that he would serve the Emperor, and Malcador said that they would deal with the same problems with traitors and loyalists in the future.[2f]

Part Two: The Shield

Burden of Duty

See also Burden of Duty (Audio Book)

Months since Garro first recruited Rubio, Terra was busy preparing for war, and its orbital platforms were busy with work under the Order of Fortification. Beyond Luna's orbit, armored platforms were set up to form the Ardent Reef and the Hecate Shoal among many as they awaited Horus's attack under Rogal Dorn's watchful eye. The Phalanx was watchful over everything, a golden star fortress with ramparts, halls, and domes across it. Garro slipped aboard it from a tiny, cloaked shuttle-pod designed only for one. Armed only with his power sword and the Falsehood (advanced camouflage technology), he made his way to the Seclusium, a sealed chamber deep within the star fort near the engine cores where the Librarians of the Imperial Fists Legion have been kept ever since the Edict of Nikaea.[2g]

He made his way through the fortress, from the Great Hall of Victories, to the Statue Garden and the Gallery of Heroes, and so on through the massive ship to his target. Once there, he found himself before a huge gate with the emblem of the Imperial Fist etched into it. Garro disabled the guard-servitors with Libertas and then used a seemingly alien device given to him by Malcador to open the chamber, removing the force-fields, psychic protections, and other measures that contained the group of former Librarians, who have had no contact with their battle-brothers or their primarch in years. The former Librarians were there willingly, obeying their Primarch.[2g]

Within, Brother Massak was dreaming, lost in meditative thought, as he saw a vision filled with fighting and daemons. They were kept there for years, believing that the Primarch would return, but he was afraid of Dorn not coming. He was roused by Garro's actions, and he called out to his brothers as he moved to the gate thinking that they were under attack. He demanded answers from Garro and for him to surrender, and Garro responded that Massak's weapons were worthless without his psychic powers. Then Garro told him that he does not wish to fight and the Librarians moved on him, and they were not enough to outmatch him. Before Massak could use his powers to find out why Garro was there, he was interrupted by Dorn's arrival with his Huscarls, and the fight stopped. The Librarians knelt in obedience before him, as Garro stood before Dorn's questioning.[2g]

Dorn knew that Garro must be there on behalf of Malcador, and he ordered him taken to his chambers to discuss the matter. To the Librarians, he stated that they shouldn't have been disturbed and the gate would be restored. Massak inquired about the Great Crusade, and Dorn admitted that it was now a war. Massak then pledged his willingness to serve, and Dorn admitted that he knew. In his chamber at the top of the star fort, Dorn confronted Garro, reminding what happened the last time they met there. Then he admitted that he knew what Malcador was doing and that Garro was recruiting many psykers for unknown reason. However, it would not be allowed on the Phalanx, and he demanded answers. Garro said that he could not answer due to his duty, and Dorn questioned him further, and then said that he would be kept a prisoner until he received answers.[2g]

Massak interrupted them before it could continue, stating that he needed to tell Dorn what he saw. His appearance bristled Dorn, but Massak then stated that he knew why Garro was there. Dorn became conflicted, unwilling to defy the Nikaean Edict, but Massak said he would ask through questioning alone. Dorn was unconvinced, and Garro stated that he would willingly talk to Massak because he was here for the Librarian. Dorn allowed them to speak in an interrogation chamber in the dungeon, and Garro asked about the dreams Massak had. This surprised Massak, and Garro told him that the Sigillite knew of the dreams. Massak admitted that he dreamed of the War of Terra and the daemons flooding the planet. Garro explained that the daemons were real and what happened with the Horus Heresy. He then told the Librarian that Malcador was looking for men to defend the Imperium for the future, but Massak refused because his duty lay with Dorn. Garro said that Massak would be returning to the prison, but Massak said that they were obedient and embrace any command, especially when the world goes to war with itself. Garro hoped that they would fight again, and Massak told him that they will soon.[2g]

After Garro returned to Dorn, Dorn tells him that a ship with Malcador's colours had come, but that he had the right to kill Garro if he so chose. He then warned Garro that his loyalty might be misplaced or misused, and that he did not agree with Malcador's methods. Dorn then explained that though the Sigillite might serve the Imperium, he doesn't necessarily serve the Emperor, and that Garro should question him. After this, Dorn told Garro of the Seventy who came with him, and that not all of them are there according to a report he handed Garro. Finally, Dorn said that neither Malcador nor Garro can test him again, and that he must leave. Garro questioned why Dorn left the Librarians on the side to languish, and Dorn corrected him, telling him that they are being protected for when they are most needed.[2g]

Legion of One

See also Garro: Legion of One (Audio Book)

Dramatis Personae

The Knights Errant
The Legiones Astartes
Those who serve the Imperium
The faithful, and the lost


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