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Gas Giant

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Gas Giants are worlds composed largely of gases, that surround a solid core[1]. Their gasses are harvested by both the Imperium[2] and Tau Empire[3] through the use of their ships. The Imperium will also place permanent installations in the orbits of Gas Giants to make it easier to harvest and refine their gasses[4]. Some Gas Giants have breathable upper atmospheres, which allows the Imperium to use Anti-grav Mining Platforms and its atmospheric aircraft.[5]

Notable Gas Giants

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population Notes
9836-18 Grave Core[8] Segmentum Ultima (Ghoul Stars)[8] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Former main world of the Cythor Fiends. Comparable to Neptune.[8]
Bakka Triumveron[7] Segmentum Tempestus[7] Unknown Unknown Bakka System Unknown Bigger in size than Jupiter.
Etrian[2] Unknown Unknown Unknown Trisolian System [2] Unknown Harvested for rare minerals by the Mechanicus.[2]
Inoktu[6] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Harvested by the Grey Knights for its fabled gems.[6]
Miasma XVI[4] Ultima Segmentum[4] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Surrounded by interlocking Imperial Space Station networks to harvest its gasses.[4]


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