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Gas fungus

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Gas Fungus

The Gas fungus is a fungi occuring in various species all across the Galaxy.[1]

There is, for example, Necromundan Gas Fungus that lives on the Underhive of the Necromunda planet.[2] Also famous is Gas Fungus from the Luther McIntyre IX which differs by its purple cap with livid red spots. Regardless of place of origin, the main ability of Gas Fungi is their effective defence against fungi-eater animals. Should such an enemy approach closely then 6 metres (approximaly) to Gas Fungus, it release a cloud of poisonous gas. After that fungus need at least several hours to regenerate a new portion of gas inside of its tissues. The gas cloud dissipates after an hour, so the fungus remained unprotected during some time. The gas itself is quite deadly and the specific toxicity varies in different species of Gas Fungi.[1]

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