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Gates of Varl

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The Gates of Varl is a region of space located within the galaxy.

The armies of the Imperium are known to guard this area of space from the quiescent perils of the C'tan.[1] By 5681753.M41, Tech-Adept Uvochi attempted to pass through the Gates of Varl but was intercepted whereupon he revealed his allegiance to the Ancient Ones and their living gods. A transcript of his interrogation, combined with suspicious activity on the Forge World of Incaladion by rogue Adeptus Mechanicus members led to Marshal Primus Rogal Surr pursuing a line of enquiry on both that world and the Gates of Varl.[2]


The novel Hellforged mentions that the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel Antithesis was a seasoned vessel that had survived the "Varlian Anomalies" though it is not mentioned whether this is related to the Gates of Varl.[Needs Citation]