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Gates of Varl

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The Gates of Varl is a region of space located within the galaxy.

The armies of the Imperium are known to guard this area of space from the quiescent perils of the C'tan.[1] By 5681753.M41, Tech-Adept Uvochi attempted to pass through the Gates of Varl but was intercepted whereupon he revealed his allegiance to the Ancient Ones and their living gods. A transcript of his interrogation, combined with suspicious activity on the Forge World of Incaladion by rogue Adeptus Mechanicus members led to Marshal Primus Rogal Surr pursuing a line of enquiry on both that world and the Gates of Varl.[2]

During the war upon Ordex-Thaag, an artefact known as the Varlian Device was utilized. The device was given to a fanatical, anti-psyker sect of the Mechanicus known as the Teeth of the Cog, to test by a nameless Tech-Priest serving unknown masters. When the members of the sect enquired about its origins, the nameless Tech-Priest alluded that the device originated from the Gates of Varl, which has been quarantined for millennia. When detonated, the device severed the connection between reality and warpspace, which killed both Imperial and Chaos Knights fighting upon Ordex-Thaag.[4]


The novel Hellforged mentions that the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel Antithesis was a seasoned vessel that had survived the "Varlian Anomalies" though it is not mentioned whether this is related to the Gates of Varl.[3]