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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngGathalamor
Name: Gathalamor Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium (Ecclesiarchy)
Class: Cardinal World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Gathalamor is an Imperial world in the Segmentum Solar, to the galactic south-west of Terra. Gathalamor is known mostly as being the diocese of the heretic Cardinal Bucharis during the Age of Apostasy, whose heresies reached such an extent that they became known as the Plague of Unbelief.[1]


Plague of Unbelief

The world's population was not rich and many lived in abject poverty. Bucharis took over and enslaved the population, forcing them to build a gigantic Cardinal Palace. He also took a large number of thugs and cut-throats and assaulted the nearby world of Rhanda. The resulting empire made Gathalamor fairly rich, although Bucharis' ideals of survival of the fittest meant many of the poorest died.[1]

Gathalamor is the site of the tomb of the Great Confessor Dolan Chirosius, who was martyred on the world by Bucharis. His martyrdom quickly inspired the population to rise up and kill Bucharis. At the end, all that remained of his body was a small pile of ashes. From then on, the world was back under the rule of Terra and remains so to this day.[1]

Later history

Later, Gathalamor was infiltrated by a Chaos Cultist known as the Manskinner. He corrupted the Gathalamor 24th regiment before escaping the planet and going on to form an army of the Lost and the Damned that carved a path towards Macharia. The Ecclesiarchy tried to suppress knowledge of this, unable to admit that the piety of Gathalamorians was not absolute.[5]

Gathalamor was invaded by the Forces of Chaos, in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation. The world was only saved with the intervention of the Indomitus Crusade.[2]

Known Places

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