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Gatling Blaster

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A Mars-pattern Gatling Blaster mounted on a Reaver Titan

The Gatling Blaster is a large weapon usually found mounted on Imperial Titans.


The weapon consists of several rotating gun barrels firing 150mm high-explosive shells at an extremely fast rate, making it an excellent anti-infantry weapon.[1a][2] Essentially a Titan's equivalent to the assault cannon, the sound of firing the Gatling Blaster has been likened to the very fabric of reality being torn apart.[3] However the weapon is no less capable of pulverizing even heavily-armoured Super-Heavy Tanks and its destructive potential is comparable to that of a low-level bombing run from an entire wing of fighter-bombers.[1b][3]

Galting Blasters can be mounted on the weapon limbs of Reaver[4], Warbringer Titans, Warlord Battle Titans[5] and the carapace mounts on Imperator Titans.[6] It is too large to be fitted to Warhound Scout Titans.


Gatling Blaster