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Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the omnibus. For other uses of Founding, see Founding (disambiguation).

The Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series) is a Black Library series written or edited by Dan Abnett following the adventures of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard Regiment battling to free the Sabbat Worlds system from the forces of Chaos. The series is one the most successful lines of the Black Library, consisting of 15 Novels, two short story anthologies (Sabbat Worlds and Sabbat Crusade), two spin-off novels (Double Eagle and Titanicus) and two background books as of the end of 2014. The fifteenth and most recent novel, The Anarch, was published in January 2019.



Short stories

Collected in Sabbat Worlds (Anthology)

Collected in Sabbat Crusade (Anthology)

Collected in Sabbat War (Anthology)

Other short stories

  • In Remembrance by Dan Abnett - collected in The Founding (Omnibus)


A rough chronology of the series and related works, overlaid with the history of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, as detailed in Dan Abnett's background book.

Novel/Story Year Noteworthy Events
A Ghost Return 756.M41 Commissar Ibram Gaunt and the Hyrkan 8th are deployed in the underways of Formal Prime, during the final stage of Operation Redrake, Warmaster Slaydo's initial advance into the Sabbat Worlds.
Ghostmaker, Chapter One 765.M41 After taking part in the great Imperial victory at Balhaut, Ibram Gaunt is sent to Tanith to oversee the founding of three new Imperial Guard Regiments, but the ceremony is cut short by a Chaos splinter fleet retreating from Balhaut. Shortly after Tanith's destruction, the newly-formed regiment sees action for the first time on Blackshard.
First and Only ca. 765-768.M41 Warmaster Macaroth's campaign to re-take the Cabal Systems begins with simultaneous advances into the Newfound Trailing Group and to both the coreward and spinward flanks. The Ghosts fight on Fortis Binary in the Trailing Group, and on Menazoid Epsilon in the Menazoid Clasp.
Ghostmaker, Chapters Two through Eleven ca. 765-768.M41 The Ghosts fight on Voltemand, Ramillies, Caligula, Bucephalon, Typhon Eight, Nacedon, Sapiencia and Monthax.
The Vincula Insurgency ca. 765.M41 While hunting insurgents in Vincula Province on Voltemand, a dark secret within Tanith's own culture comes to light.
Necropolis 768.M41 The Ghosts defend Verghast from Heritor Asphodel, absorbing new recruits from Vervunhive.
Honour Guard 769.M41 The Ghosts survive disgrace on Saint Sabbat's homeworld of Hagia and are entrusted with saving a precious artifact.
The Guns of Tanith 771.M41 The Ghosts participate in the campaign to re-take Phantine and secure the Warmaster's supply lines.
Straight Silver 772.M41 The Ghosts are deployed into a meat-grinder trench war on Aexe Cardinal.
Sabbat Martyr 773.M41 On Herodor the Ghosts are tasked with protecting a girl claiming to be the reincarnation of Saint Sabbat while assassins close in on her.
Double Eagle 773.M41 A furious air war rages over the deserts of Enothis as Imperial fliers cover the retreat of an Imperial army.
Traitor General 774.M41 Gaunt leads an infiltration team to assassinate traitor General Noches Sturm on Gereon.
His Last Command 776.M41 In the step-cities of Ancreon Sextus the Gereon veterans are reunited with old comrades and new in the 81st/1st regiment under Belladon Colonel Lucien Wilder.
The Armour of Contempt 777.M41 Now back under Gaunt's command, the Ghosts take part in the liberation of Gereon.
Only in Death 778.M41 On Jago the Ghosts must hold an ancient fortress after losing Gaunt to the enemy.
Titanicus 779.M41 The forge-world of Orestes, a vital supplier for the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, becomes the battleground of Imperial and invading Chaos Titans.
Blood Pact 780.M41 His regiment idling behind the lines on Balhaut, Gaunt finds himself opposing a Blood Pact infiltration team seeking to eliminate an enemy defector.
Salvation's Reach 781.M41 The Ghosts are tasked with a hazardous raid on the enemy stronghold of Salvation's Reach, seeking secrets that could shift the Crusade in the Imperium's favour.
Volpone Glory 791.M41 The Volpone Bluebloods spearhead a meat-grinder liberation mission against the Blood Pact on Gnostes.
The Warmaster 791.M41 The Ghosts rush to defend Urdesh from the Sons of Sek.
Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint 791.M41 During the liberation of Urdesh Damocles Squad of the Iron Snakes accompanies the reincarnated Saint into battle.
Urdesh: The Magister and the Martyr 791.M41 After the Miracle of Ghereppan Damocles Squad must decide whether the Saint's vision is true or an elaborate trap by the Anarch.
The Anarch 792.M41 The climactic confrontation on Urdesh between the Ghosts and Anakwanar Sek.

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