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Gauss weapon

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Gauss weaponry in use.

Gauss Weaponry are horrifying devices used by the Necrons.[1]

The effect of Gauss Weaponry on a Guardsmen[2]


They are magnetically based[Needs Citation] weapons that break down the target into its component molecules layer by layer and attract the molecules back to the gun at incredible speed.[1] This creates a flaying effect[1] and can vaporise the most heavily armored warrior or blast a hole in a Land Raider. This means that even the most basic Necron Warrior has a chance to blast a hole through the heaviest armor and completely vaporise the most skilled Space Marine.


Several Gauss weapons

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Necron weaponry is not entirely understood by the Imperium, and so "gauss weapon" serves as a convenient, but not entirely accurate, description. The closest analog in human history is the M2-era Gauss rifle, which uses magnetic propulsion to accelerate a solid projectile towards the weapon's target, rather than using this force to strip away particles from the target.