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Geard Bure

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Magos Geard Bure of the Adeptus Mechanicus was an associate of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn.


Bure was known to Eisenhorn through his former master, Hapshant, who had first encountered Bure on a mission to secure the STC lectionary from the Ashrams of Ullidor the Techsmith. Bure's exact age was unknown; Hapshant speculated that he was at least 700 years old, but it was possible for him to be several thousands of years old. Like many in the Cult Mechanicus, almost all of Bure's body was replaced by Bionics. Bure was a metallurgy specialist. Prior to this, he was a Fabricator architect in the Titan forges of Triplex Phall.

After the affair of the Necroteuch, Eisenhorn left Pontius Glaw in Bure's safekeeping.

Later, when Eisenhorn had been declared Extremis Diabolus, he sought Bure at Cinchare so that he could utilize Glaw's occult knowledge. While there, Eisenhorn assisted Bure in destroying a Chaos artifact called the Lith. After the Lith, Bure created Eisenhorn's rune staff and added pentagrammatic runes to Eisenhorn's power sword Barbarisater in order to increase its potency against Daemonhosts. Eisenhorn asked Bure to give a movement to Glaw as a part of the bargain to secure his assistance. Bure went several steps further creating a full body for Glaw, which eventually allowed Glaw to kill Bure.