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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Gehöft Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: None
Affiliation: Unknown, former Imperium
Class: Dead World, former Agri World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Gehöft is a former Agri World of the Imperium, that was devastated in an attack by the Blighted Claw Chaos Warband.[1]


The end came for Gehöft, when it was invaded by the Blighted Claw, a Warband dedicated to Nurgle, who spread a virulent plague on the planet. The plague not only destroyed the planet's crops and livestock, but killed a large number of its population as well. To Gehöft defenders' horror, the plague did not simply kill its victims, but turned them into Plague Zombies which turned their eternal hunger upon them. With the Blighted Claw overpowering the planet's defenders and the dead consuming the living, Gehöft was nearly overrun within months of the Warband's invasion. Despite this bleak outlook the Imperial Guard, as well as the Dark Angels Chapter came to aid the planet against the servants of Nurgle. Kor'sarro Khan, the White Scars' Master of the Hunt, also led his company on the planet, but knew it was doomed before he set foot upon it. Instead he came to conclude a Great Hunt against the Blighted Claw's leader, the Plaugelord Paramyx, and put an end to the Warband's infection of numerous worlds of the Imperium.[1]

Leading a squadron of attack bikes Kor'sarro pursued Paramyx, as the Imperium and Chaos forces clashed around them, hoping to catch his prey before he left the battle. The squadron had nearly reached the Plaguelord, when they were ambushed by a large number of Blighted Drones which fell upon them. With their prey getting away, Kor'sarro looked for aid from Sammael and the Dark Angels fighting nearby, only for them to leave the beleaguered White Scars and pursue their own mysterious goal on the planet. With no aid in sight, the White Scars fought on and killed the Blighted Drones, but only Kor'sarro was left standing; the other White Scars in his squadron lay dead and broken around him. With his squadron gone, Kor'sarro was forced to retreat, allowing Paramyx to escape and soon afterwards the Imperum's forces were routed. The order to evacuate Gehöft was given and once the survivors were in orbit, an Exterminatus was launched on the doomed planet.[1]


Gehöft is a German word for farmhouse.

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