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Gendor Skraivok

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Captain of the Night Lords; for the Short Story, see The Painted Count (Short Story).
Gendor Skraivok following his corruption[7]
Gendor Skraivok challenges Raldoron during the Siege of Terra[5]

Gendor Skraivok, known as the Painted Count, is a Daemon Prince of the Night Lords Legion.[4] He was a Captain during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1a]


Gendor Skraivok was born to the noble house of Skraivok on Nostramo, where as a youth he acted as a serial killer and hunted the poor for sport. He eventually grew bored with this and began hunting his fellow nobles as well.[1d] He was eventually inducted into the Night Lords Legion where he rose to the rank of line Captain.[1a]. He was known as the Painted Count for his noble ancestry and use of war paint.[3] During the Great Crusade he was Claw Master of the 45th Company, and covertly cooperated with his relatives on Nostramo undermining Curze's authority. Commanding the warship Umber Prince, Skraivok oversaw the induction of prisoners and killers into his Company, intending to transform them into a force loyal only to him. He was among the first to hear of Nostramo's fall back into anarchy in Curze's absence, but decided to keep it from his Primarch.[6]

During the Horus Heresy in the aftermath of the Thramas Crusade, Skraivok was one of the leaders of a Night Lords splinter fleet following the legions shattering. His forces linked up with Krukesh and thanks to the Pharos became attracted to the world of Sotha in Imperium Secundus.[2]

Now serving under Krukesh, Skraivok was one of the key traitor commanders in the Battle of Sotha. During the battle, he made a bargain with a Daemon possessing the Night Lords Librarian Berenon in order to gain access to the loyalist stronghold on mount Pharos. The Daemon became sealed inside a sword, which he gave to his hated underling Kellenkir. Later as the Pharos overloaded thanks to the sabotage of Barabas Dantioch, Skraivok decided to take his chances and jumped head first into the interface field.[1b] He was transported to the Nightfall alongside Krukesh, and declaring his former commander weak shot Krukesh with his Bolt Pistol. Afterwards, Skraivok was taken prisoner by Nightfall shipmaster Thandamell and to his horror, the Painted Count discovered that the Daemonic sword he had given Kellenkir was at his side.[1c]

Aboard the Nightfall Gendor Skraivok attempted to dispose of the Daemonic sword at every turn. However incinerating it and even ejecting it into space had no effect, the blade would inevitably return to his side. In the ensuing power struggle with Curze's Equerry Shang, Gendor Skraivok was cast into the labyrinth deep within the Nightfall that originally held Vulkan. Skraivok was only able to navigate and free himself from the death maze with the help of his daemonic blade, whose power he finally began to accept. After his escape he easily killed Shang in a duel and was subsequently voted the temporarily leader of the Night Lords due to the absence of Sevatar and Curze. Skraivok proclaimed that there was great power in the Warp that could be utilized, and stated his intention to have the Night Lords rejoin Horus and push on Terra.[3]

Commanding the Nightfall, Skraivok declared himself Lord Commander and was recognized by Horus as the acting leader of the Night Lords in the absence of Konrad Curze. He led his forces in the Siege of Terra, intent on obtaining recognition in glory. During the Siege he challenged Blood Angels First Captain Raldoron to a duel upon the Eternity Wall of the Imperial Palace. Skraivok had the upper hand until the Daemon in his weapon abandoned him, and his base abilities were no match for the Blood Angels champion. He was cut and thrown from the wall, and as he lay dying on the ground he was confronted by the Daemon that had possessed his blade. The Daemon stated that it had abandoned Skraivok to teach him a lesson, but he would save his life and elevate him to a new level of power should he agree. Desperate for life, Skraivok agreed but the Daemon added that in order to be elevated, he would have to endure six times six hundred-sixty-six years of torture within the Warp. Screaming, Skraivok vanished.[5]

Rhamiel Betrayal

In the current era Skraivok reemerged, having since ascended to daemonhood and abandoning his name to be known only as the Painted Count. He and his warband of Night Lords instigated the Rhamiel Betrayal, which resulted in the death of Supreme Grand Master Naberius of the Dark Angels. He later fought Naberius' successor, Azrael, but was defeated by the intervention of Chief Librarian Ezekiel.[4]

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