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Imperial Guard Hierarchy

General Sturnn[2]

General is a high rank within the Imperial Guard.[1]


Generals are high-ranking officers who are also members of the General Staff[1]. General is one of the most prestigious ranks within the Imperial Guard and those bear the title are usually highly decorated and experienced commanders who have been on countless campaigns throughout their career. However other Generals are sometimes arrogant individuals who have been promoted due to the pedigree of their homeworld. These officers are often placed in charge of newly founded Regiments tithed to a Crusade.[29]

Historically, General was also a rank in the Imperial Army.[8]


In the command hierarchy of the Imperial Guard the rank of General is listed as being below that of Lord General and above that of Marshal:[1]

The level of General within the Imperial Guard command hierarchy is as follows from highest to lowest:[1]

Known and notable Generals