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Genesis Chapter

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Genesis Chapter
Genesis Chapter Livery.jpg
GenesisChapterPrimaris.jpg Genesisminiatur.jpg
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines
Founding: Second Founding
Chapter Master: Eorloid
Homeworld: Newfound[1b]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Red armour with white markings and yellow aquila[7]
Specialty: Codex Chapter, Ultramarines Support
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry Unknown

The Genesis Chapter are a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion, created during the Second Founding.


First amongst the Primogenitors, the Genesis Chapter are dogmatically loyal to the memory of Roboute Guilliman, and can be counted upon to fight at the Ultramarines' side without hesitation.[1a][13c] They have the honour of being the first of the primogenitors and were formed from the noblest Ultramarines veterans who survived the Horus Heresy. Upon their inception, their first battle wrested the planet Newfound from the Word Bearers.[5]

The Genesis Chapter is one of the closest chapters doctrinally and astrographically to the Ultramarines, often undertaking joint operations. The Genesis Chapter Space Marines also routinely fill the gaps in the Ultramarine companies if they fall below Codex strength, or fill specialist positions such as the Librarius or Forge staff.[3][13c] Its Space Marines commonly undertake at least one pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Primarch. The Genesis Chapter's Chaplains regard the Codex Astartes as sacrosanct, going to great lengths to ensure that the Chapter adheres to its tenets, and any point of contention is debated thoroughly with recourse to the opinions of the Ultramarines' Chaplains for final ratification in order to ensure there is no doctrinal drift between the Ultramarines and the Genesis chapter.[3]

Another point of commonality with the Ultramarines is the Newfound Expeditionary Auxilia, a force of armed Chapter Serfs that fight in support of the Genesis Chapter, similar to the units of the Ultramar Auxilia.[13a]

Notable Battles



The Genesis Chapter wear red armour.[5][13a][13c] As per the Codex Astartes, a Marine's Company affiliation is shown by the colour of their armour's pauldron trim. Veteran Marines also bear a white stripe on their helmet.[5]

Their symbol is a stylised black alpha superimposed on an inverted white trigon.[13a]

Notable Members


Genesis Chapter Firstborn[1a]

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