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Genestealer Armoury

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The armoury of Genestealer Cult forces.


Weaponry of the Genestealer Cults
Name Type Typical Wielder
Melee Infantry Chainsword Chain Weapon
Cultist Knife
Force Weapon Magi
Locus Blades Loci
Power Maul Power Weapon
Power Pick Power Weapon
Power Hammer Power Weapon
Heavy Rock Drill Construction equipment
Heavy Rock Cutter Construction equipment
Heavy Rock Saw Construction equipment
Bonesword Biomorph
Rending Claws Biomorph
Scything Talons Biomorph
Lash Whip Biomorph
Toxin Injector
Familiar Claws
Metamorph Claw
Metamorph Talon
Hypermorph Tail Aberrants
Sanctus Bio-Dagger Sancti
Neurotraumal Rod Loci
Injector Goad Biophagi
Ranged Infantry Autopistol Auto Weapon
Autogun Auto Weapon
Blasting Charge Grenade
Bolt Pistol Bolt Weapon
Demolition Charge Grenade
Lasgun Laser Weapon
Flamer Flame Weapon
Frag Grenade Grenade
Grenade Launcher Projectile Weapon
Hand Flamer Flame Weapon
Heavy Bolter Bolt Weapon
Heavy Flamer Flame Weapon
Heavy Stubber Projectile Weapon
Krak Grenade Grenade
Laspistol Laser Weapon
Lascannon Laser Weapon
Liberator Autostub Stub Pistol Kelermorphs
Mining Laser Laser Weapon
Missile Launcher
Needle Pistol Needler Primuses
Seismic Cannon
Sniper Rifle Slug-thrower or Laser Weapon Sancti, Brood Brothers, Jackal Alphi
Shotgun Slug-thrower
Webber Web Weapon
Web Pistol Web Weapon
Vehicle Atalan Incinerator Flame Weapon
Autocannon Auto Weapon
Battle Cannon Projectile Weapon
Drilldozer Blade Melee
Eradicator Nova Cannon Projectile Weapon
Exterminator Autocannon Auto Weapon
Clearance Incinerator Flame Weapon
Heavy Flamer Flame Weapon
Heavy Mining Laser Laser Weapon
Heavy Seismic Cannon Seismic Weapon
Hunter-Killer Missile Missile
Multi-Laser Laser Weapon
Multi-Melta Melta Weapon
Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapon
Storm Bolter Bolt Weapon
Vanquisher Battle Cannon Projectile Weapon


Name Images Notes
Dirtcycle GSCBikes2.jpg
Wolfquad GSCATV.jpg
Achilles Ridgerunner AchillesRidgerunner.jpg Construction/mining equipment
Goliath Truck GoliathTruck.jpg Construction/mining equipment
Goliath Rockgrinder GoliathRockgrinder.jpg Construction/mining equipment
Chimera GCChimera.jpg Captured
Sentinel ElysianSentinel.jpg Captured
Leman Russ Battle Tank GCLemanRuss.jpg Captured
Leman Russ Exterminator Leman Russ Exterminator.jpg Captured
Leman Russ Vanquisher VanMA3.jpg Captured
Leman Russ Eradicator Leman Russ Eradicator.jpg Captured
Limousines Genestealer Cult.jpg


Name Notes
Sacred Cult Banner
Carapace Armour
Cult Icon Standard
Smoke Launcher Used by vehicles
Searchlight Used by vehicles
Scrambler Array Used by Clamavi
Camo-cloak Used by Sancti


Name Notes
Icon of the Cult Ascendant
Dagger of Swift Sacrifice
Scourge of Distant Stars
Staff of the Subterran Master
Sword of the Void's Eye