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Genestealer Magus

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Genestealer Magus

The Genestealer Magus is a figure within a genestealer cult.[6]


The Magus plays a vital role in infiltrating a civilized society. Due to his intelligence, charisma, appearance, and understanding of the society being infiltrated, he is well suited to his role as mouthpiece of the clan to the outer society. The Magus is a special mutation which appears in a clan if a psychically-active species, such as humanity, is infiltrated. As a Genestealer Hybrid of the 4th generation, he appears nearly human, although invariably bald and heavy boned. He is highly intelligent and possesses formidable psychic ability. His "normal" appearance allows him to operate as the public spokesman for the clan or cult, which is disguised as a legitimate religious, political, or social movement — a role which the purestrain patriarch cannot take.[2a][2b]

The Magus is second in importance to the Patriarch; under these two individuals there is little hierarchy or leadership. Therefore, both the Magus and the Patriarch are the primary targets of Imperial Assassins. Killing both of these individuals would leave the Genestealer Cult leaderless and in disarray, allowing a military force to follow up and purge the mass of fanatics.[Needs Citation]

Magi are always born from at least one parent who is a psyker, and this combined with its xenos DNA makes the creature a highly potent psychic being. They can use their psychic abilities to coerce or enslave others to their cause. Should a Patriarch or Magus dominate a region completely, the psychic shadow that gathers around them will grow darker and thicker until it begins to coalesce. This ever-shrinking miasma hardens into a many-limbed form known as a genestealer familiar that will faithfully serve its Magus.[3]

In a cult's early days, there is usually only a single Magus at its heart. However, as its power spreads to distant regions, additional Magi often appear as the de facto lords of their respected regions. These Magi will often compete with one another to seek their Patriarch's favor.[4]

Notable Magi


Initially Games Workshop brought out a total of five metal miniatures for Genestealer Magi, one released together with a seated Patriarch.

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