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Symbol of the Genetor Order
A Genetor
A Magos Xenologis

Genetors are one of the Holy Orders[15] that make up the Ruling Priesthood of the Adeptus Mechanicus, specializing in genetics.[3] Some sources[3] state that the term 'Genetor' is synonymous with the Magos Biologis (sometimes Divisionis Biologis[11] or Divisio Biologis[12]), while some place 'Magos Biologis' as a title within the wider Genetor Order[15], or within the Magi Order.[5a] They are very common among the Mechanicus and often accompany Imperial forces involved in the exploration of new worlds.[1] They are dedicated to the study of biology and organic anatomy and are heavily represented among the Mechanicus, possibly due to the Mechanicum’s experiences with mutants on Mars during the Age of Strife.[5a]


The Order commonly studies biological systems; those of the xenos in order to defeat them, those of the human in order to improve them. It is one of the few institutions in the Imperium, alongside the Inquisition's Ordo Xenos, permitted to study xenos and regularly examine alien species. They have established covert research facilities such as the Anphelion Base in conjunction with the Ordo Xenos to study the Tyranid race, taking any opportunity to capture and study the creatures in order to devise a way to counter their organic weaponry and super-adaptability.[1] Members frequently accompany exploration fleets, sometimes even forming their own Genetor explorator teams,[19] to test the populations of rediscovered worlds for mutation outside of the prescribed norms.[5a]

Creations and Armoury

The Magos Biologis have been involved in the creation of many of the Imperium's genetically modified entities used by different branches. It was an Adaptus Mechanicus geno-lab that was used to develop the Cursed Founding on Incunabla, possibly in conjunction with the Thorian faction of the Inquisition.[20] Some examples of the Order's creations are:

Equipment created includes:

Offices and Titles

Several specialisms and titles are used within the Order:

The Ruling Priesthood (Tech-priests):

  • Arch-chymist[15]
  • Arch-Genetor[16]
  • Biologis Adept[25]
  • Corpus Illuminator[15]
  • Genetor Extremis[15]
  • Grand Parasite[15]
  • Magos Biologis[15]
  • Magos Biologis Extremis – Magi serving as Ship's Surgeon on capital ships of the Imperial Navy.[24]
  • Magos Biologis Neuralis – Magi who work on the mind.[8]
  • Magos Genetus – An exalted Genetor rank[19e]
  • Magos Xenologis – Xenobiologists,[7] sometimes known as members of the Xenos Biologis.[13]
  • Metasurgeon[15]
  • Xeno Genetor Adept[26]

Ordained Laity:


Members of the Order engage in the Quest for Knowledge as other Tech Priests, though differ in that they regard flesh not as inferior to metal, but instead as a different type of machine.[3]

Like other dogmas, different philosophies interpret this ideology differently. Notable factions are:

  • Apexists – The search to find the perfect form, which is strengthened via adversity. Based on a pre-Imperial scholar's writings.[3]
  • Carnicula – A splinter sect of the Hippocrasians, the Carnicula look to lengthen the lifespan of vat-grown constructs.[5e]
  • Circle Varnak – A sect spread across the Eastern Fringe dedicated to the destruction of the Tyranids following the fall of Tyran.[7]
  • Companions of Vogel – Forced genetic augmentation is needed to strengthen humanity. A young and radical philosophy, as it implies the human form is somehow insufficient alone.[3]
  • Divisio Genetor – A faction within the Lathe Worlds fascinated by the Lathesmasters’ biological properties.[5b]
  • Dread Biologis – Members of the Heretek Magi of Forge Polix in the Screaming Vortex.[10]
  • Hippocrasian Sect – Study of the transition between life and death. Based in the Calixis Secor on the Hippocrasian Agglomeration orbiting Morwen VI.[5c][5d]
  • Organicists – A wide ranging faction affiliated to the Carnicula.[5e]
  • Primus Humanum – The human form is a pure vessel for knowledge, the Emperor is the ideal version of this. The oldest of the three main factions in the Calixis Sector.[3]

Notable Genetors or Magos Biologis