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Geoffros was a feared veteran of the Crimson Fists Chapter who served under an Inquisitor during the Invasion of Rynn's World.[1]

Though he wanted to return to his homeworld to aid his Chapter during their hour of need, the Inquisitor denied him his request and sent him to the Hive World of Turren Primus. Once there, Geoffros was tasked with going to Hive Qualitas to hunt down a single Heretic in the Hive's undercity. Gripped with madness at being unable to aid his Chapter, Geoffros gave in to Heresy and slaughtered every underdweller he could find. It is not known what became of Geoffros afterwards, but his Stormbolter, named the Cruelty of Geoffros, which he used to kill many of his victims, was later found by the Blood Ravens Chapter during the Second Aurelia Campaign.[1]