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Gerg Zhokuv

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Gerg Zhokuv was a Magos Dominus of the Adeptus Mechanicus during the War of the Beast.

Considered the most capable of his class in mid-M32, Zhokuv had served the Emperor loyally throughout the Horus Heresy. At least 1,500 years old, by the time of the arrival of The Beast he was little more than a swelled brain in a tank.[1a] However he maintained his keen strategic mind, and proved to be an essential Imperial commander during the Invasion of Ullanor during the War of the Beast. During the battle, Zhokuv displayed his ability to think outside of the box of typical Cult Mechanicus dogma. Despite its "heretical" nature, he created an improvised Ordinatus engine from scratch using a Capitol Imperialis and starship cannon.[1b]

Zhokuv went on to once again command Mechanicus forces in the second imperial invasion of Ullanor.[2] During the third Imperial offensive on Ullanor, Zhokuv commanded one of the five Imperial attack groups.[3]


Gerg Zhokuv's name may be a play on words referencing the famous Soviet general Georgy Zhukov.