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Gergerra Rei

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Gergerra Rei was a Mech-Lord of the Mechanicum's Legio Cybernetica branch, acting as Master of the Kapekan Sect.[1]

During the Great Crusade, he led two full cohorts of robots which fought alongside the Luna Wolves. He was also secretly involved in the construction of the Traitor Battleship Furious Abyss.[1]

For these crimes, Rei was declared a Traitor and he was targeted by the Callidus Assassin Koyne. She tracked him to Saros Station, a resort platform in orbit of the planet Jupiter, where he had gone to watch a performance of the opus Oedipus Neo. She replaced the lead actress and played the role of Jocasta in the performance. She was able to expose him to minute doses of tailored pheromones to make him fall in love with her disguise, leading to him accepting an invitation to meet with her after the performance. She then killed him using a kissgun.[1]