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Gerhart (Inquisitor)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Inquisitor; for the other people named Gerhart, see Gerhart.

Gerhart is an Inquisitor. He defeated daemon’s followers on the planet of Drex who provoked the Drex's people to cease work on the manufactorus. During the preaching to the crowd on the Drex, Gerhart was subjected to an assassination attempt of the heretics, but was saved by the Vindicare Assassin Tarim’s bullet, which was striking on the fly the heretic’s shot. Due to this “miracle”, people of the Drex completely rejected all their doubt and believed in the Emperor’s Will. Overcome with superstitious fear, the daemon’s followers took their life in the hope that they will be forgiven by the Emperor and saved from the daemon’s claws.[1]

Through the rejuve-therapy and vital stimms he looks like the man in his mid-thirties though actually during the event on Drex he was three hundred Terran standard years old.[1]

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